tall-stacked pumpkin pancakes

tall order

welcome, autumn flavors. it is official: warmed spices are hitting the spot, and cutting the morning chill.

i have been having cravings for salty, savory protein in the mornings. sausage, eggs, spinach omelette, and bacon have been the majority of the breakfast rotation lately. but when the hankering for pumpkin pancakes knocked on the door a few days ago, i took it upon myself to do a little tweaking on my recipe.

i wanted a shorter ingredient list, mostly i wanted to get the protein powder off the list since most households, special diets and standard diets, don’t have that ingredient in the pantry.

this was a larger batch than the old recipe yielded, so brian and i were both full without feeling like we needed a little bacon on the side. the pancakes turned out moist and fluffy with a crisp outer crust. flavored precisely like a pumpkin pie, with cakey quality.

be sure to allow these to cook well before flipping them, as pumpkin contains a lot of water that needs to cook out.

don’t skip warmed cream cheese. this is the icing on the cake, and they just wouldn’t seem to be justified without the warmed creamy spread.

this recipe makes 8 pancakes, enough for 2 people.

*note that i have doubled the recipe with great success with no additions or subtractions.


drizzled with maple syrup

pumpkin pancakes

2/3 cup pumpkin puree

3 eggs, beaten to a pulp

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup almond flour, packed

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

for topping: 4 tbsp cream cheese, pure maple syrup

method: heat oven to 200f, place a cookie sheet lined with paper towels on the cookie sheet.

place cream cheese in a ramekin, and put it in the oven to warm, leave it in there until time to serve.

combine all wet ingredients in a bowl, mix well.

combine all dry ingredients in a bowl, mix well.

combine the two together, and allow to set for 5 minutes or so. batter will become thick.

while you are waiting for batter to set up, heat up cast iron skillet with a good swig of oil, using medium/low heat.

once oil is heated, use a spoon to drop batter onto hot skillet. allow it to cook for 2 minutes or so before you flip. pancakes will be a little delicate since pumpkin has a good bit of water to it, so really make sure they are ready to flip before you do the deed. i like to gently squish the flipped pancake down a bit to thin them, otherwise the centers won’t cook as well.

place cooked pancakes into the warm oven, continue cooking batter.

serve with cream cheese and maple syrup in a nice tall stack. enjoy the crispy edges, cakey middles, and warm cream cheese.

you will love this weekend treat, we like to make it a regular during the chilly months!

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8 thoughts on “tall-stacked pumpkin pancakes

  1. I pinned this recipe a while back and just made them this weekend. YUM!!!! I’m glad I doubled it for two people and have a couple left over to re-heat during the week :) Cream cheese on top = Genius!

    • hooray! these are an excellent recipe for making extra and reheating throughout the week for a quick treat.
      thanks for trying these out!

  2. I loved this recipe! No dairy/cream cheese for me, so I whipped up an u/s cocoa powder/almond butter/coconut milk “frosting”. Ah-mazing. Only thing I would change for next time is to add more spices…tasted a little too ‘egg-y’ for my liking. Loved the crispy edges!

    • hi amanda!
      so glad you liked them! one more thing about cooking these, is that if you cook them too long, they do get a little eggy in flavor. try less time on the skillet for more pumpkin flavor!

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