an open apology to my oven

dear oven,

i’m sorry i’ve blamed you all this time. i’m sorry i told everyone “my oven is horrible, and takes hours to preheat, HOURS!”. i bad mouthed you with every baked good you turned out… “the recipe said 30 minutes, but it took my horrible oven  50!”. what could be done? i thought this was just how ovens were. we called the landlord, and they said “it only took 5 minutes to get most the way up to temp”… until brian, the smartest man i know, aside from my dad, suggested we get an oven thermometer. we tried it out. hung it from the rack that is right in front of the oven window, and set the oven for 350. but something strange happened. for 20 minutes, brian said “it’s holding out at 300! HEY! i wonder if the knob to set the temp is off!” low and behold. 50 degrees.. 50! after playing with the knob, we’ve discovered that the knob is, in fact, 50 degrees off… someone, somewhere along the line of “responsibility” for our apartment removed the knob, and placed it a small turn from where it should be.

so what’s happened now that i have my 50 degrees back? a beautiful chocolate stout cake for brian’s birthday, and a perfect cherry pound cake. both at the recommended times. do yourself a favor. get an oven thermometer. pay the ten bucks and put it in your oven. no more sticking things in the oven, not knowing how hot it is. that was stupid.

i’m sorry, oven. i should have trusted that this was a human error. i should have questioned the outside possibilities. and thank you for the chocolate stout cake for us to enjoy at tonight’s irish birthday bash.




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