i want to introduce myself to the blogging world with a view on grains and flour. as most of my friends know, my stomach is.. well… sensitive. i’ll spare the details, but i can’t absorb fats or white flour very easily. the only exception is fancy artisan bread in sourdough form. i don’t bake with all purpose flour or white flour at all. i don’t even own any. i don’t know that i ever have. everything i bake is either with whole wheat pastry flour, white whole wheat flour, spelt flour, soy flour, and a few other specialty things like almond meal or soy flour. i’ve never needed it much, either. my cupboard is loaded to the brim with these flours, and they have always come through for me. i substitute whole wheat pastry and white whole wheat for the exact amount of white flour, and have never had any problems with it.

i know these baked goods aren’t going to be rectified in the health realm because the flour has a little extra fiber. but my health is extremely important to me. i run at least 3 days a week, i am extremely active. i walk everywhere. i don’t sit much or hold still. the majority of my diet is organic, including the flour, butter, and sugar. i am vegetarian, with the exception of a little fish, and haven’t eaten a land creature in over 10 years. i maintain a moslty low fat diet. my stomach issues are mitigated through low-fat, high soluble fiber foods, so you won’t see a lot of “fried” from me. though, unfortunately, i can’t eat many raw fruits or veggies. this is where the baking came in. i needed to be able to control the food quality for myself, this way know what i’m eating. many of the foods you’ll see here are health foods. not all of them. but i modify the heck out of things to i can tolerate them, and so they still taste amazing. i work with the recipe, adding yogurt, taking out the butter, subbing applesauce…. work that is well worth it. and i will not post anything that tastes like it is cardboard. don’t worry, i won’t waste your time. i hate that stiffness that has become notorious of whole grains. none of that here.

hope you try these recipes, whole grains and all. and for those who love white bleachy all purpose flours, bake on. you can use them in place of my beloved fibery flours. my sister, rachel, uses white all purpose flour. rock on, sissy! i must say, she makes the best cupcakes in the world. she bakes with ease, and doesn’t realize the value in  the perfection of her simple recipes. soft, fluffy, moist… she is talented. here we are, she’s the blonde.

just look at those cupcakes!!! they’re beautiful!


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