roasting vegetables

fourth carrot recipe!

i roast vegetables probably 4 times a week. it is super fast, and you can do anything with roasted veg. so versatile. you can have them on the side, toss them with pasta, or my favorite, put them on a sandwich. yum yum.  roasting veg produces a soft, smokey flavor, and uses minimal fat. you can season however you wish, but here i’m including a basic recipe that is easy to play around with.

roasted carrots, summer squash, and mushrooms

preheat oven to 450. cut squash and carrots into big fat chunks, and if mushrooms are small, you may leave them whole, or cut in half if desired. arrange on a cookie sheet, keeping them separated in groups. this way, if something cooks faster than the others, you can easily pull them out so they are not over done. spray with a little olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. i like to throw some fresh rosemary in there (not cut so you can pull it out easily), but you can season however you want. put in the oven, and move veg about the cookie sheet every 5-10 minutes or so, preventing them from sticking to the sheet or burning. just keep an eye on them, maybe 20 minutes is all they need to cook. you know they’re done when the carrots are just a little browned at the edges, mushrooms have just given up their juices, and squash is tender and slightly brown.

you can roast huge amounts at a time, like i do, so you can have them as left over. goat cheese and roasted veg is probably my favorite lunch. i also usually keep some handy for a really quick dinner, and this is my usual, which brian and i have perfected:

roasted veg with couscous and lemon caper salmon

yes, that is fish. we are not real vegetarians. there, i said it. we love fish, and i’ll never quit eating it. it’s too good, and too healthy for me to abandon. we roast it with the veggies, and use whatever starch we can find. couscous was the victim on this particular night. really delicious and simple. a dinner like this takes us about 15 minutes to prepare, so no excuses on a work night.

i have to add: brea bought cupcakes from dozen last night, and let us pick out which we would take…. there was a carrot muffin. it looked amazing, and i know it probably was, but i could not eat it. i chose half of a chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcake, and half of an earl grey, which i will eat today after lunch. i felt that if i chose a carrot cupcake, i would be betraying the carrots that suffer in my refrigerator. and no, i’m not getting tired of carrots yet!

thanks for the cupcakes, brea!


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