more on fire roasted tomatoes…

a quick and amaizng pasta

a quick and amazing pasta

i just wanted to add that there is, in fact, a use for the juices drained from a can of fire roasted tomatoes after making that pizza we talked about earlier. don’t let those tomato drippings sit in a container unused! no wasting!

this is so good and simple. i made it for lunch the day after i made pizza. i was in a pinch for time, and knew it would be delicious. was it ever. what a great way to revisit the taste of the tomatoes and use them up. add a salad if you’re into veggies.

i like using tubetti noodles because they really hold onto sauce well. also, i am eternally drawn to cute small things. tubetti is usually used for italian soups, but i don’t care what they are for. i love them. you could use whatever noodle you want here, i just wanted to plant this seed: there are a kabillion different kinds and shapes of noodles. you should buy and experiment with as many as possible. you’ll thank me some day.

for 2:

the juice from a can of fire roasted tomatoes

2 generous servings of tubetti noodles (1 cup dry)

1 big fresh basil leaf torn or cut into small shreds



good parmesan cheese

cook noodles and drain. put noodles back into pot with tomato sauce and basil. on very low heat, simmer for a few minutes until sauce thickens a tad. add salt and pepper. dump into 2 bowls. add cheese and feel like a domestic hero.


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