birds, squirrels, and old things new again…

thrift stores are great for kitchen gadgets. last week, we found 2 mini muffin tins for $1, and spring-form pan for $2. among my favorites found a month or so ago are this teak cheese server (which included a beautiful glass dome, not shown)  for $2 and this cute little porcelain squirrel cookie jar for $2. how great are they? i use the teak all the time. -not for cheese, but to keep in it the muffin i have chosen to defrost and take to work the next day. it is so practical for stuff like that. i should include that the bird was also a thrift find. brian bought a large lot of them for me for my easter basket! they are scattered around my house. beautiful! next time you’re out at a thrift store, please don’t bypass the kitchen section. so many useful things lingering out there! and consider, also, that if you’re reading a recipe that requires a specialty item you don’t have, you could take a few minutes to seek it out used. i’ve seen many high quality items like this out there. madeline tins, intricate bundt pans, odd shaped cake tins (dinos, flowers, animals) cupcake tins galore, really odd sized cake tins (6 1/4 x 11 3/8, 11 x 11, etc)… give it a chance! i’ll be posting my thrift finds here from now on so you know the awesomeness that is a $4 brand new italian made french press coffee maker. i’ll keep you posted! hooray for me being cheap!


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