mr. hare makes dinner

since i work until 6 monday through thursdays, mr. hare is responsible for making dinner 3 of these nights. this may sound like a rotten deal, but i make dinner for him the other nights, and also do a huge amount of baking to make up for it. usually, he makes something simple and healthy… some roasted veggies with fish, veggie burger with a nice salad,. you get the idea. he does a really nice job getting something healthy together by the time i get home and keeps it simple since it’s a weeknight. last week he wanted to make something a little different. we spotted this recipe from 101 cookbooks, and have been meaning to try it for quite a while now. it was wonderful!

he followed the recipe word for word, but forgot the lime, which was fine without. we threw on some toasted sesame seeds, too. the glaze for the tempeh was so sweet and salty, but not overly so. sometimes an asian style glaze is too much, in the sense that you find yourself scraping it off of the food. not this. brian says this dish was really easy to make. on a scale of 1-10, he gives it a 2 in difficulty. all of the work goes into the sauce, which can be done ahead of time so everything else can be put together easily. he made jasmine rice to go with it, and a little salad on the side. on a separate scale from 1-10, i give it a 9.5 in tastiness, and will definitely demand he makes this again. this was a really healthy and delicious meal, and all you vegetarians should be eating up some tempeh asap!


2 thoughts on “mr. hare makes dinner

  1. The crushed garlic cloves added a wonderful savoriness. Not to mention they were AMAZING to eat after having soaked up all the sauce.

  2. Delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I made it with tofu (I can’t find tempeh here!)–I believe that tempeh would be the best choice. Served it with brown rice, and zucchini and broccoli sauteed in garlic. Because you can never have too much garlic.

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