my choice

due to health reasons, after 11 or so years of avoiding meat products, i’ve decided to include meat (besides fish) in my diet. some of you already know that my life for the past year or so has been studded with annoying medical issues, though none too serious. after running through all possibilities, and trying just about everything possible, i’ve finally come to the conclusion that my body needs meat. this is a very personal issue for me, and it was a well thought out decision. it was not easy, but most certainly in my best interest. after a week of my new diet, i feel like a new person. to spare you the dirty details, just know that i am now sure i’ve made the right decision. the chains are off, i am free, my health is finally back. i haven’t felt this good in a year. the foods i eat are as primal and natural as possible.

i am doing my best to buy “ethically raised” local meats. i am frequenting the local farmer’s market, which sells a variety of free range, antibiotic and hormone free beef, poultry, and pork. i’m buying ONLY quality meat. i would never dream of eating fast food or oscar meyer. ever. i still believe that animals deserve to be treated with respect, and i believe that there is such a thing as dirty meat. i’ve been doing lots of research, and am making educated choices. -so i don’t want to catch flack from anyone about it!

it’s taken me a week or so to “come out” with this to the public. for some reason, i felt ashamed and embarrassed. when i bought my first chicken breast, i buried it in the fridge under the other foods so it wasn’t staring me in the face. brian was with me when i bought it, but i still didn’t want him to see it in there. i wasn’t sure i remembered what chicken should taste like, and really didn’t have a lot of experience preparing it. i just stuck to the basic principle that i enjoy the most with cooking: simplicity. i grilled the chicken with a little olive oil, lemon juice, fresh rosemary, and lots of salt and pepper. i stuck it right on the grill for half an hour or so. it looked and smelled surprisingly amazing. taking my first bite in front of brian was a little strange. i felt insecure about it. but it tasted so good, i didn’t care. the meat was moist, smokey, and tender. i really loved the charred ends of the chicken, encrusted in oil and salt. this was a flavor that i didn’t miss over the years, and never yearned for. but as i took my first bite, i realized that my body missed it. i enjoyed it. i respect and appreciate the food i am eating, so i feel no guilt. i’m proud of my choice, and proud i’ve stepped out and made such a drastic change for myself.

from now on, you will be seeing meats here on the cookie.

so far i’ve had grilled chicken, turkey bacon, and steak fajitas. tonight, i am roasting turkey for the first time. this will truly be a new adventure for me in the kitchen, and i am thrilled about it!

to health!


2 thoughts on “my choice

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing liz. Not only do I respect your decision, (you think way more about how your actions affect the world than most people I know) but I look forward to your simplistic recipes. Healthy fun Abound!


  2. it’s okay, Liz! ever since I moved out here where there’s fresh, clean meat abound and local butchers, I’ve thought about starting again after 9 years. and now that I’m living with a light meat-eater, it’s the best time to start.

    way to go!

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