we ate and drank….

drink at farm table

drink at farm table

brian and i had our sights set on eating and drinking coffee weeks before we left for san francisco. we had all of the restaurants and coffee shops picked out and mapped out. -and when i say mapped out, i mean that in the most literal sense. we had a map with all of our hot spots marked on it, and it worked out amazingly. usually, i recommend being careful not to over prepare for a vacation. usually, over-planning just ends up in time crunches, rushes, and then disappointment. not this time. we did a great job of making time to do and see the things that we had planned so much to do. we made priorities.

our hotel was just a 10 minute walk to one of the places that we planned on stopping in on, farm table. brian was pretty excited to visit this coffee shop because they serve verve, which is a small roaster based out of santa cruz. the coffee shop that brian works at serves verve also. like i said, we had only planned on stopping in on farm table to try a cup or two.

food at farm table

food at farm table

it ended up being our every morning spot. after chatting with them for a few short minutes, shannon and kate, behind the counter, were so friendly and helpful, i knew right away we would end up there every morning. i’ll just say that the coffee there was consistently wonderful, and served under close care of shannon. this is the type of place that will change you from a starbucks regular to a real coffee snob. besides probably illegal amounts of caffeine doses, brian ate breakfast there a few times, and it was beautiful. under farm table’s true form, kate made a sweet and nourishing breakfast of local goods: cherries and mascarpone on sourdough drizzled in syrup… simple and genius. i highly recommend stopping in at farm table if you’re ever in the area. and if you need any pointers on places to go or see, please talk with shannon and kate, by far the friendliest strangers in san francisco.


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