gross yet great

on the way to brooklyn, what does one eat when faced with the choice between roy rogers fried chicken sandwiches vs. gas station slim-jims vs. waffle house???? well, if you are brian and i, you make the best out of an odd (to us) situation… you choose waffle house. yes, the best of the worst.

always open...

always open...

with a little of my coaxing, brian got a chocolate chip waffle. look at that! it looks pretty good, in a really strange way.

mr. hares selection... dripping...

mr. hare's selection... dripping...

and i got a mushroom, onion, and tomato omelet. it came with something that i never indulge in, home fries. guess what?! it wasn’t too bad. for road food, this stuff got the job. to brian and i, it was like eating junk food. some people eat stuff like this every day. i honestly haven’t eaten like this in years. it was super fun.

endlessly tempting choices... kinda..

endlessly tempting choices... kinda..

we listened to waylon jennings and hank williams jr. on the jukebox. i love road trips!


3 thoughts on “gross yet great

  1. wait, wait, wait, wafflehouse has a juke box? Yes please.
    how many flavors of syrup were there?
    I think iHop has like…27.
    or 5.

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