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nature is inside and outside

nature is inside the restaurant

yes. yes. yes. after our afternoon of traveling on what i call “waffle house stomach”, we needed some real food. we needed a dinner that would make us feel good. real veg, healthy meat, and brian needed some beer pretty badly. we went to a little joint that we practically watched being built years ago. back then, we didn’t have high hopes for it because of it’s location. it is buried deep in the crevice of brooklyn, overshadowed by abandon warehouses covered in filthy, non-family friendly graffiti. what a surprise. everything about this restaurant was great. it even looked beautiful from the outside: a diamond in the rough. rustic yet classy, it was like eating in an expensive mountain resort. simple decor of wall mirrors, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and lots of natural lighting.

all of the meat was sustainably and ethically raised, free range, and local. the beef was grass fed. this isn’t something you would expect to find in the ghetto. the menu included mostly meat, and all dishes looked so promising. after deliberating over the straightforward menu, brian and i decided on the beer braised short ribs with seasonal veg. this was the most tender, well seasoned beef i could have hoped for. the beef was braised in apricot beer, and rubbed with herbs de provence. the veg was cooked in the broth, and done perfectly. so sweet and bright!

beer braised short ribs with beautiful fresh local veg.

beer braised short ribs with beautiful fresh local veg.

for dessert, we chose another special that was chalked on the wall: milk chocolate hazelnut torte. yeah. i’m not sure what i can say about this thing, but i’m going to start making them soon. the crust was chocolaty and salty. the filling was so creamy, light and sweet.

what dreams are made of..

what dreams are made of..

this could be a new favorite restaurant for me.. close between it and chez panisse. please, if you are in the brooklyn area, do yourself a favor and go there, if you haven’t already been. i’ve bumped into a lot of  articles raving about little brooklyn and williamsburg hole-in-the-wall places like this. venture out and find them, before they become too hip!


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