mickey has dinner, and we ate the heck outta it.

mickey had us over for dinner a few weeks ago. i think he and i have similar views on food. seems that we both like to keep it local, simple, sustainable, and mostly, real food.

nothin’ fancy.

frills are for suckers.

france, you can have your sauces. we want simple.

i think most everything that he made for us was from the farmer’s market in his area. of pittsburgh. those of you who know me know that i am obsessed with farmer’s markets, and the idea of local food and supporting small farms that use ethical and responsible practices. something about high standards makes food taste good.

mickey made all of of the meal, except for dessert. as sort of an appetizer, we had honeyed chevre with almonds and berries to pick at while he cooked.

now that i’m eating meat, i think i am probably a lot easier to cook for. however, my abstaining of grains has probably made up for that tri-fold… at least that’s what people may assume. no bread, rice, noodles, corn.. i know some who can’t imagine life without these foods. some who are still constantly offering me grains every time they can because they aren’t sure that i mean i don’t eat all grains (no, none). i really don’t miss that stuff aside my meal. especially not where there are fresh, well seasoned veggies in it’s place. mickey did a great job without even trying. he sauteed some green beans with caramelized red onions, garlic and butter. we also had herb roasted seasonal vegetables. again, i believe everything came from a garden in pittsburgh. they all tasted so fresh and sweet. bell peppers, squash, carrots, golden beets..

roasted chicken breast with sauteed apricots took up the big spot on the plate. juicy, slightly salty chicken with sweet tart apricots. so summery. this was the perfect meal to have on a hot day. i really love fresh fruit on meats. i had seconds.

a perfectly satisfying plate of food

a perfectly satisfying plate of food

i supplied dessert. no grains does not mean no baking. i made 2 versions of coconut flour brownies. i modified the original version as to use up some extra riccotta cheese i had in the fridge. then, i decided that i should make the first recipe just to see what the difference would be. i never do this. i am glad i did. though i really liked both versions, i prefered my modifications over the other. so did mickey’s crowd. do not expect a traditional flour. they have a taste all their own. you can find the recipe here.

thanks for dinner, mickey! you should have us over again!


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