if you liked it then you shoulda put a fig on it

figs are perfectly in season right now. i was never into figs much until this year, when i got a hold of some really good ones at whole foods. they are so soft and sweet, and their seeds barely register on the “too crunchy” scale for me. the taste of the fruit almost resembles a really tender peach. they are mild and delicate. a few health benefits include high fiber content and high antioxidant content. they are known to accompany well foods such as wine, honey, prosciutto, and ginger. most come from california, but are believed to be indigenous to western asia. they are used plenty in middle eastern foods. obviously not native to western pennsylvania, they are a bit more of a delicacy to us here in allegheny county. this makes then both expensive and difficult to buy. committing to an entire pint package (i think they are 3.99 at trader joes’s) can give you inconsistent results: maybe you will end up with 3/4 of them being perfect, while the others are under ripe or blemished and damaged. buying them individually is economically nightmare inducing: they cost around 1.50 PER FIG at another grocery store that is close by me.

they are worth the battle, though. i went with the box at trader joe’s and am thus far quite happy with it. i’ve been snacking on them with a little cheese or handful of nuts. i’ve also had them sliced into quarters on this amazing salad i conjoured up yesterday:

3 strips crispy bacon

1 cup sprouts

1 cup salad greens of choice (no, not iceberg.)

3 quartered figs

few pinches thinly sliced red onion

small cubes pecorino or other hard italian cheese (parmesan will do)

splash of balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of honey

cut greens and bacon into manageable bites, mix all ingredients, eat them, and enjoy them!

i don’t know much about figs, and do not have a ton of experience with them, but i am going to make up for some lost time with them. i am going to eat them in so many ways, i want to be sick of them by september. i plan on stuffing them with goat cheese, wrapping them in bacon, and grilling them this weekend. i look forward to things like this all week long!


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