i don’t normally chew gum. at all. i don’t like it. i know it’s fun to do after a meal and all, but i don’t get it. i think i don’t like it because it doesn’t fit into my post meal requirements:

a. it has to taste sweet

b. i have to be able to swallow it

those aside, i have a few exceptions.

i am a sucker for old fashioned gum. brian picked up these beauties in a card and tobacco store in squirrel hill a few weeks ago, when we were going to see a movie together. (it was julie and julia. there, i said it.) though i am not of that generation, (you know the black and white movies, kids playing jacks and trading cards and chewing gum from a barrel of penny candy), i have an appreciation for the nostalgia. -and really, the flavors are really tasty and unique. not to mention, the ingredients aren’t that unreasonable.

the flavors don’t last long, but they are good flavors. i think my favorite is the black jack. it’s flavor is anise, which is usually a hit or miss flavor, but i like this stuff. the packaging is so cool, too!

i rarely eat or even care for store bought candy. but like i said, i’m a sucker for the old and original classics! click here to see a cool blog that features retro candies and gum, and has a wealth of information about your favorite candies from the past and present.


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