does this carrot look creepy?

i’m sorry, but sometimes produce scares me more than meat does. this carrot came directly from the farmers market, and is organic and crap free. -but to me, it looks like a little person, which is why it was extra hard to chop of the green top (it’s hair) and throw it into a roasting pan to become dinner. it was like butchering a person. a sweet, tender, well seasoned person.

carrot person

carrot person

i ate it with beef, and it was delicious.


One thought on “does this carrot look creepy?

  1. It’s like a mandrake root! Which, if we lived in 1509 rather than 2009, we would be believing that it would be a live creature and we would plug our ears for fears that it would be screaming bloody murder at us for chopping it up. ‘Course, if we were in 1509 we would probably also be dead already for heresy/homosexuality/vegetarianism/proper dental care (take your pick).

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