the beef stands alone!

fat is good for you, right?

fat is good for you, right?

i had to post this picture of mr. hare’s dinner from the other night. maybe the picture isn’t showing how ridiculously over the top it really was. it was burger night, obviously. -and in our household, it can’t just be burger night. it has to be extreme burger night, squeezing as much food onto your plate as you possibly can. we’re lucky that the greens made it on top of this thing. no, it isn’t a “slider”. it is half a pound of the finest free range organic beef money can buy here in friendship. yup, half a pound of beef topped with caramelized red onion, blue cheese, a portobello mushroom, a roasted red pepper, a stupid amount of local organic bacon, topped with some sprouts.. all atop a slice of “steel city loaf” from a local bakery here in pgh.

this thing must have tasted amazing.

i have to admit, i’m pretty jealous that he can eat things like this without “ramifications” the next day. while i ate a similarly huge amount of beef this night, i did not eat it with so much abandon as he, skipping the bread, cheese, and bacon. -it was still amazing. the beef stands alone!


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