september 13, 2009

we had our first wedding anniversary a few weekends ago! i thought i could share a few pictures from the evening, which was a low key celebration. brian had to work until 4, and brian had arranged for a friend of ours to make dinner for us. unfortunately, beyond any person’s control, that fell through! though, part of the dinner was prepared. brian called me from work, and told me that we would be eating here, not “out”. so i put a couple of chairs and tv trays onto the porch with some plates. he told me to sautee some veggies because there was a ginger pork tenderloin on the way! mickey had prepared the meat, as well as a beautiful grain free carrot cake and had our anniversary cake defrosted.

everything turned out perfectly!

the veggies ended up perfect with the pork, which delicious!

up until that day, i had been feeling sorry for myself that i couldn’t enjoy more than a bite of carrot cake on my own anniversary, since it was a traditional wheat based carrot cake. i did have a few bites of it, and it was still just as tasty as the day we had it in 2008! i couldn’t believe it! more amazingly, i ended up eating about 1/4 of the 2 layer grain free duplicate that mickey baked for me. it was so good! carrot cake is my favorite, so it meant a lot that brian had thought to have mickey do this for me. -it’s not easy to bake a grain free cake without practice.

we ended up with lots of extra cake.. obviously. so we called a few friends over to share in the cakey fun. most of these friends were at our wedding a year ago, so it was sweet to have them drop in! it was a perfect and simple evening, and totally thrown together!! it is exactly what i wanted.

it’s hard to believe i’ve been married for a year, though it seems as though marriage was an easy transition for the both of us to just slide right into. we still like each other, which is important. we are best friends, and laugh at the same things. we support the others ideas, even if they are stupid. we take the day off of work to take care of the other if they fell off their bike. i hope i have a million more anniversaries as wonderful as this.


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