coconut flour zucchini muffins

i’ve been doing quite a bit of baking with coconut flour lately. i try to stay away from overdoing it with almond flour. coconut flour has just as many nutritional benefits as almond flour. it is low in protein, but requires many eggs to hold it together, thus increasing the protein content. it contains 61% fiber. yes, 61%. wheat contains about 25% fiber. but fear not, you use so little coconut flour in an entire recipe that you would notice no effect of the increased fiber. in a standard wheat flour recipe, you would be using about 2 cups of flour, where you need about 1/4 cup coconut flour. in other words, it contains more fiber, but you consume less. baking with coconut flour takes a bit of practice, but the result is worth the wait. baked goods take on an added amazing smell and light flavor from the flour. -not a heavy flavor of coconut, just an “essence”. we LOVE the pancakes we made last weekend for “fancy saturday breakfast”. recipe coming soon.

you can purchase coconut flour from most grocery stores. i use bob’s red mill brand, but there are many out there. it appears to be quite expensive, but remember that you use only use about 1/2 cup for most baked goods, where with wheat recipes you would be using 2 cups.

i almost always require a morning snack around 10 to get me through the morning until lunch. finding a good grain free muffin has been a difficult and temperamental journey. i remember a few weeks ago when i tried an almond flour pumpkin muffin recipe.. well the recipe was for mini muffins, and i thought i would be able to tweak it into a large sized muffin… i modified the baking time and temp just slightly. normally, this works pretty well. no, not this time. 3 batches i made. then i tried making a mini coconut flour zucchini muffin into a normal sized muffin. the bottoms were burnt, but the tops barely brown.

i was frustrated. i may or may not have thrown a muffin against the wall in a fit of anger. we laughed it off.

after several trial/error sessions like this, i finally came across one that worked. i made it work. it had to. -i couldn’t afford to waste more ingredients to be thrown against a wall. (baking can get ugly in my house.)

these turned out wonderfully! they are light and fluffy, moist with a good crumb. they are just a touch sweet, but you can add slightly more agave nectar/honey if you like them sweeter. they are a really nutritious snack, with half an egg in each muffin for protein, crunchy walnuts for fiber and protein, and raisins for tastiness. you could sub in chocolate chips instead of raisins.

this recipe makes a dozen.

zucchini muffins

liquid ingredients:

6 eggs

1/3 cup (2/3 cup if you don’t add in raisins or choc chips) agave nectar*

1/3 cup liquified coconut oil*

1 tbsp vanilla extract

dry ingredients:

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

pinch cinnamon


1 cup shredded zucchini*

1/4 cup raisins*

1/4 cup walnuts*

*you can use any nuts you want. you can use butter instead of coconut oil. honey or maple syrup for the agave nectar. you could sub in chocolate chips instead of raisins. you can use apples instead of zucchini for a slightly sweeter muffin. you get the point, this is a pretty flexible recipe.

a quick note about the coconut oil or butter: please do not use hot butter, it will cook the eggs and be gross. wait until it cools to  room temperature but is still liquid.

preheat oven to 350f.

prep 12 cup muffin tin and paper cups with a little oil. i sprayed the paper cups with a little olive oil for easy release.

in large bowl and with a whisk, combine all liquid ingredients until completely combined.

sift all dry ingredients together. it is always important to use a sifter when using coconut flour. especially when there is baking soda involved.

combine the dry ingredients with the wet using a whisk until just combined.

add the fold-ins and, well, fold them in.

i use an ice cream scooper to scoop batter into cups. these do rise, so don’t over fill the cups.

bake for 20-30 minutes.

these store well in ziplock bag at room temp for 4 days or so, and in the fridge for 6 days or so.


9 thoughts on “coconut flour zucchini muffins

  1. These were very yummy! The chocolate chips sunk to the bottom though, so that didn’t work so well. Maybe my eggs were larger and runnier or something, and that caused the chips to sink easier. Either way they were great and I plan to make these again sometime! 🙂

    • i’m glad you liked them! yes, i tend to use smallish eggs with coconut flour to avoid that “eggyness” that you can get from using larger eggs. a tip: i like to sprinkle the chips on top of batter and push them in a little rather than stirring in to avoid the sinking.
      thanks for stopping in!

  2. Yummy! Just made these and my little toddler is gobbling them up. I had to use bananas instead of eggs because he has an egg allergy and they still came out delish! Thanks for sharing your coconut flour tips!

  3. I made these with Goji Berries and they were so delicious!! Thank you for going through the effort to perfect them.
    I too, had a couple of recipe crisis. I was trying to switch from the Gluten free flours to the almond flour and then that didn’t work very well.So looking for Coconut flour recipe’s and came across yours and I really like zucchini in my muffins and here it is. I’m very happy
    One question why use 1 tablespoon of vanilla?

    • thanks, nina! i’ll have to get a new photo up for that recipe, looks like something happened to the link!

      anyhow, i like to use lots of vanilla because.. well, i just really love vanilla! that amount is truly optional!

      curious, did you use any add-ins? nuts, chocolate, dried fruit?


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