greek gourmet


there comes a time in every person’s life when he or she eats something that she isn’t supposed to. i haven’t had grains in months and months. but it was worth it. i went all out at the greek gourmet, and it was worth it. i ate everything i could that i’m not supposed to have. is that what defines gluttony? hey, if you’re gonna do it, do it good.

spanakopita. yes, please. mike himself makes it from scratch, using his mother’s recipe. if you have never had spanakopita, may your maiden voyage into the realm of cheese, spinach, and phyllo be bestowed upon the greek gourmet. it is not unlike lasagna, but with thin, flaky pastry (phyllo) in place of noodles. 5 cheeses melt into paper-thin layers of phyllo, and sandwiched in the middle is more cheese and spinach. i love the way the crispness of delicate pastry competes with the salty, gooey cheese. i’ve eaten a lot of spanakopita in my lifetime, a lot.., and this may be the best i’ve had. -you know i love supporting local, family owned businesses, and this is exactly why.

lamb gyro

brian and i also split the lamb gyro. i had never eaten a meat based gyro before. as an ex-vegetarian, falafel was my bff. and though i do secretly miss falafel, a lamb gyro is what dreams are made of. the meat was so tender and perfectly seasoned, and atop the whole thing was a cool and creamy cucumber sauce. to end the feast (seriously, it was almost too much food for 2 of us!!), we couldn’t resist the flaky, honey drenched baklava (one of my favorite sweets of all time). it was super cheap, too! less than $10 fed the both of us!

other goodies include fresh homemade humus, greek yogurt, cheeses, really cute and tasty sweets like baklava, and quite a few specialty grocery odds and ends, like oils, olives, etc. there are plenty of options for vegetarians, as well.

the greek gourmet is located in squirrel hill on murray avenue. it’s a small deli with 5 or so seats. what’s that you say? you live in east liberty? perfect. you can pick up humus at the east liberty farmer’s market (every saturday morning), from mike himself. if you can’t make it to that, it is also sold at whole foods. yep! it makes the whole foods cut! we always get sun-dried tomato and feta humus. second only to mustard, it’s my favorite condiment of all time. i have to hide it from myself in the refrigerator, because once i spot it, i have to eat it until it is gone. you can visit pittsburgh urban spoon for more information or ratings, if my raving review wasn’t enough.


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