prosciutto and sage wrapped sweet potatos

salty sweeties

brian and i made this recipe from mark bittman for thanksgiving, and it was quite lovely! it’s a very simple and loose recipe, so it was a breeze to execute. we will be making it for christmas gathering at my parent’s since it’s so easy to put together.

the delicate, salty meat is so wonderful when baked to just crisp slightly around the soft potato, so be sure to leave it in the oven long enough!


6 sage leaves

6 thin slices of good quality prosciutto

1 sweet potato

salt & pepper


get a big pot of water on the boil. preheat oven to 425f. peel potato and cut it lengthwise into 6 pieces.

boil it for 10 minutes or so, until potato slices are tender, but not thoroughly cooked. drain them, and let them cool a bit, until they are cool enough to handle.

coat a good sized shallow baking dish with olive oil.

place 1 sage leaf on a potato slice. lightly salt and pepper it, then wrap it in a slice of prosciutto. repeat with other 5.

bake for 10 minutes or so, until potatoes are completely cooked soft, and meat is slightly crispy.

serve while still hot, or even at room temp.


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