orange buck for the flu

we have to face it, it’s cold and flu season. i sometimes get sick, but more often, poor brian gets it.

since we refuse to take nyquil or other night-time, over the counter medications due to funny ingredients, we make our own night-time elixirs. -booze based elixirs. they help you sleep.

for a cold, i always make a hot toddy. the heat is very soothing to the throat and aids with congestion.

for the flu, i make a ginger and oj drink, because ginger helps settle the stomach, and oj just tastes good when you’re sick.. oh yeah, and the vitamin c thing.

anyhow, we strongly adultify our elixirs to make them extra soothing and help us sleep extra well. but if you want to skip the booze, this is still a very refreshing drink to have when you are sick, and very simple to make.

mr. hare makes this recipe when we have people over for drinks, usually during the summer season because it is so refreshing. it’s his “signature drink”. we always buy whole food’s 365 brand ginger ale, and always keep very fine gin in the house… you know, for when we’re sick.

orange buck

2 oz gin

4 oz orange juice

6 oz ginger ale

combine all ingredients and pour over ice. squeeze some fresh lime juice into the drink, if you so desire.

drink, and be merry! -i mean healthy!


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