finally, waffles!

fluffy waffles swimming in apples and syrup

since my recent success with pancakes, i’d been searching high and low for a grain free waffle recipe, to no avail. i really love waffles. i feel like they are the perfect carrier for tasty and healthy toppings, with built-in pockets for filling with syrup, nut butters, or jam. i love the crisp outer shell that encases soft, fluffy dough. we received a waffle maker as a wedding gift last year, and since going grain free, i hadn’t been able to use it. what a shame.

so i decided to use my pancake recipe as a base. this meant that i would have myself a healthy waffle recipe, as well as a multipurpose one. i made a few small changes from the pancake recipe to make it a workable batter for a waffle iron. mostly just a tiny bit more fat, so they wouldn’t dry out while cooking. they turned out perfectly! i see blueberries, chocolate chips, and bananas in their future!

as i mentioned above, these are just about as healthy as it gets, as far as anything sweet is concerned. again, i’ve calculated this as a 2 serving recipe. each serving is just over 300 cals and 14 grams of protein. again, pretty remarkable for waffles.

i used a belgian waffle maker. i poured the entirety of the batter into the maker and it didn’t quite fill all squares completely. i’m thinking this would completely fill a round waffle maker, with no room for add-ins.



3 eggs

1 tsp maple syrup, agave, or honey

1 tbsp oil

2 tsp vanilla ext

2 tbsp coconut flour

4 tbsp almond meal

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

pinch of cinnamon


preheat waffle iron by plugging it in 10 minutes ahead of time.

sift coconut flour into a bowl. add the remaining dry ingredients and mix.

whisk all wet ingredients together, being sure it is completely smooth (no egg lumps).

combine all ingredients together.

pour all of the batter into waffle maker, and cook according to manufactures instruction. i close the lid and let it cook for 3 minutes exactly. this gives them a crisp outer crust without drying out the inside.

i saute apples while i’m making up the batter to top the waffles with, adding butter and syrup when it’s time to serve. oh, and a side of bacon. duh.

*edit: i added 1/4 frozen blueberries to the batter today, cooked it for 3 minutes like usual, and they came out perfectly. next time: chocolate chips.


3 thoughts on “finally, waffles!

  1. LIZ,

    Bless you, bless you, bless you!!!

    My daughter’s birthday is in a few days, and she was begging for waffles on her birthday. Up until now, I haven’t found a waffle recipe I liked. I love the idea of a coconut/almond flour fusion. I can’t wait to try this! Thank you so much! It’s so great to find fellow grain-free foodies!!!

    Don’t know if you could tell, but my new blog is I haven’t figured out how to forward all my old blog traffic to my new one!

    I’ll be stopping by often as well!


    • i hope she loves the waffles! it’s a pretty flexible recipe, as far as add-ins go.. berries, nuts, chocolate chips!
      let me know how they turn out for you, thanks for stopping, carrie!

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