salad: my comfort food

salad! no longer a diet food.

salad: no longer a diet food.

since this is one of my favorite meals, i wanted to share it. i eat a salad for lunch 6/7 days a week. i love leafy greens. i love cheeses, and fruits, and seeds, and nuts.. what a better way to combine all of these things, and benefit from the nutritional values of these foods? mix them all together. i’m lucky that my farmer’s market supplies all (yes ALL) of these items. even in the winter. salads are for all times of the year. it may sound boring, but i eat the exact same salad every day, depending on what fruit or greens are in season. for the past few months, this the salad my farmer’s market supplies me with.

i think the colors of this salad are beautiful, the flavors are perfect, and it is nutritionally well balanced. even down to the dressing. i never, ever buy salad dressing. i think it is yucky and has strange things in it. -corn syrup in salad dressing? is this necessary?! plus, it is easy and very inexpensive to make your own. i tend toward balsamic vinegar because i like it’s sour and sweet flavor. vinegar is always tossed around as a nutritious “food”. balsamic vinegar, because it is made from fermented grapes, contains antioxidants that can combat cell damage, and boost immune system. -red wine is known for the same thing. polyphenols in the vinegar boosts the activity of the digestive enzyme, pepsin. pepsin helps break proteins down into amino acids. better amino acid absorbtion aids in immune system function, cell repair, and building muscle. vinegar is also being researched for it’s ability to improve metabolism. and it tastes real good.


for the dressing:

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp fig or apricot jam (or any tasty jam)


in a re-purposed squeeze bottle, like a honey bottle, shake up jam and vinegar. viola! salad dressing!

for the salad:

1 big handful of salad greens

1/2 bartlett pear, cubed

small handful of dried cranberries

1 oz of cheddar (i use goat’s milk cheese)

1/4 cup salted and hulled sunflower seeds


mix all that stuff up and eat it! it’s good for you because it’s salad.


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