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this is my weekend mug

this is my weekend mug

i have a very special purple mug that i fill with coffee 3 times every saturday and sunday. the mug itself was not given to me as a gift, nor does it possess any nostalgia for me. i have no memorable attachments to it, other than the fact that this is what i drink out of on weekends. to me, it represents a day off. today, i’m drinking out of it because i have a (very rare in adult life) snow day. there are feet and feet of snow on the ground, and the national guard is even here in pittsburgh to help us dig ourselves out of this mess. people are cross-country skiing in the streets as more snow falls to the ground, and my husband and i sit inside, drinking out of our weekend mugs. drinking out of this mug reminds me, with every sip, to relax today and enjoy a slow-moving day off.

even though brian is a barista at the best coffee joint in pittsburgh, and we are both coffee lovers, some may question my coffee snobbery, even call it unqualified, because i take it with sugar and cream. i don’t care. this is how i like it. i know it disqualifies my palate. again, i don’t care.

dangerous milk

check out the warning label

i’ve struggled with what kind of “cream” to put in my coffee because of my dietary limitations. i don’t care for soy, and i am a little wary of it’s abilities to mimic hormones in the body. and with the stomach ache dairy gives me, i tend to shy away from it. in fact, i mainly eat goat cheeses and milk because they are a little more digestible. however, i found this raw milk at the farmer’s market in east liberty a while back, and decided to try it out. it was $4 or so for half a gallon. yes, it was expensive, but again, if you are eating for your health it is an investment. i have also seen it at right by nature in the strip district for considerably less. raw milk, of course, has a bad rap. i won’t argue that raw milk does contain bacteria. i will, however, say that i don’t believe that consuming bacteria is bad for you. bacteria are what live in your stomach, digesting your food for you! the process of pasteurizing, or cooking, dairy results in a beverage of dead bacteria. that grosses me out. although, the idea of consuming live bacteria may gross some out, too. none the less, i’ve been drinking raw milk and putting it in my coffee for a month or so now. what used to be an intolerance to dairy has become a daily habit for me, one without any negative reactions. this stuff is tasty, too. it is full fat. -no skim, watery stuff here. it is creamy, just like it should be. there are a kabillion arguments, both for and against the consumption of raw milk. the FDA obviously very strongly opposes the consumption of raw milk, and threatens it’s eminent an inherent danger. the FDA, however, opposes the consumption of raw milk from CAFO cows, which due to their poor diet of corn an antibiotics, coupled with their stationary lifestyle, i wouldn’t want to drink their raw milk, or eat their meat for that matter. though grass-fed, pastured animals should be healthy enough to support clean raw milk. -i say “should” because even pasteurized milk has been linked to food born illnesses. for more informative arguments for and against, click here and check out what npr has to say about it. isn’t it funny how political something as simple as milk can get?


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  1. Interesting. I share the same thoughts on soy and generally use hazelnut milk ( which doesn’t separate like almond milk in coffee) or goat milk. I haven’t seen raw milk in any supermarkets in Denver. I wonder if the laws are different from state to state. You’ve certainly peeked my interest enough to look into this further. Enjoy your snow day!

    • i haven’t seen it here in pennsylvania in any grocery store, with the exception of a health food supermarket. i was surprised to even see it there.
      thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thought I’d check back and let you know that I can get Raw Milk here in Denver but it requires heading out to one of the Farmers out of town. I would also have to buy a share and we just don’t do enough dairy in our house (3 out of 4 of us are dairy intolerant) to make that worthwhile. Going to have to stick with the Hazelnut milk for the time-being. Thanks for the info.

    • yes, for a short while i’m without my husband here, and i simply can’t polish off half a gallon before it goes rancid! i’ve been using organic half &half in coffee, but hazelnut would be pretty tasty! thanks for stopping back in.

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