peanut butter & honey chocolate crispies

during last weekend’s snow storm, i noted several open boxes of cereal in our cupboard. one box of grape nuts, and one of crispy brown rice cereal (rice krispies). back when i was on the wheat wagon, i would eat these cereals like it were no one’s business. especially the grape nuts. i love them with a drop of honey swirled in. but now that i’m not eating grains, and can’t seem to force brian into liking these cereals enough to gobble them up, it was up to me to disguise them into something that he would eat. i didn’t want to go to the store to buy any ingredients, i just used up whatever i had. first i had to get rid of the crispy brown rice cereal.  what else would i make? the answer was obvious: rice crispy treats. duh. everyone loves them. even me. after they were finished, i ate them. yes, i did eat them. i didn’t feel too crummy afterward, but i won’t be “cheating” again anytime soon. i’m glad i did, though, for something that was sooo tasty, and relatively harmless! they were chewy and crisp… perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio. i loved the taste of honey in these, too. peanut butter and honey are a combination that really reminds me of my childhood. (dad used to make peanut butter and honey toast for us for breakfast.) honey is a little lower GI than sugar, anyway.

to make these vegan, you could use maple syrup or brown rice syrup instead of honey, but i’ve excluded the use of marshmallows completely from this recipe. i think marshmallows are kinda icky. add more sweetener if you like, i wanted the peanut butter to take center stage in the flavor department, so these aren’t over the top sweet. this is a very flexible “recipe” that could be experamented with fairly easily. almond butter instead of peanut butter, more or less cereal, different kind of cereal… you get the idea.

here is a recipe of what i threw together. -you probably have everything in your cupboard already!


5 or so cups crispy rice cereal

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup honey

1/2 cup chocolate chips


prep 9×9″ metal or glass pan. i cut a square of parchment for the bottom, and buttered the sides for easy release.

over medium heat, melt together honey and peanut butter, stirring. let it come to a slight bubbly simmer for 2-3 minutes, being careful to not let it burn. mixture will pull away from the bottom and sides of the sauce pan a little when it is ready.

pour hot mixture into large bowl with the cereal in it. stir to combine completely. add in chocolate chips, stir briefly, and dump mixture into pan. press uniformly into pan. i put baggies on my hands, as this was a particularly sticky project to undertake.

cool in the fridge for an hour or so, until nice and stiff. run thin knife around sides of pan to release, then turn upside down to get ’em out. cut into squares….. or use a heart-shaped cookie cutter.



12 thoughts on “peanut butter & honey chocolate crispies

    • thanks for the comments!
      yes, they are quite delicious, i hope you do try them! -but beware, you can’t eat just one… or two.
      i think they would keep nicely for quite a few days. we held on to them for 3 days in our cool apartment on the counter top. despite the lack of marshmallow as glue, they hold together very well. i think the chocolate keeps them stiff! i’m sure they would travel well in the mail, if packed properly.

    • yes, rice crispies are ok for gluten free (so long as the box says they are produced in gluten free environment), but i tend to avoid all grains, so this was a “cheat” food for me!
      a rather fun and tasty cheat food. sometimes it’s worth it!

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