cooking simply for moving purposes-oh yeah, and lent.

flaky flounder broiled for a fast friday dinner

since we’re moving, the objective of eating for the past few weeks has been “the freezer clean-out”. a few weeks back, flounder was on a super sale at wholey’s fish in the strip district. so i bought a lot… a lot of pounds… i bought 4 pounds. who buys 4 pounds of fish for 2 people?! what was i thinking? needless to say, i have been eating lots of fish. -thank goodness it’s lent, too! i have to get rid of all this fish on my own!

some may think fish is tricky to prepare. i, on the other hand, find it a go-to main ingredient when looking for something simple and quick to prepare. flounder has a particularly stiff flake to it, which means it can get tough pretty quickly. i find it difficult to cook over the stove-top or grill without falling apart, so i almost always stick it in the oven. lately, my favorite way to prepare it is by bringing it to room temperature for an hour or so, marinating it in lemon juice, brushing with oil and sticking it in the broiler until it is no longer translucent. the flounder in the picture was soaked in soy sauce, pineapple juice, and fresh ginger just before sticking under the broiler for an asian marriage, and topped it with sautéed red onions and peppers. i then poured a nice teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds atop and devoured it.

alternatively, i have also been using lemon and butter to marinate, and topping with lemon and sage butter with black pepper and capers for a french flavor. roasted asparagus is the perfect mate to fish with lemon and sage butter. believe me.

you really don’t need to cook it for any longer than 3 minutes or so in there, it could dry out if you over do it. the beauty of broiling the fish is that you can crisp the outside of the fish while keeping the flesh inside juicy and flaky.

fish, flounder more specifically, is such a delicious, easy main dish to prepare, especially on those fridays when you almost forget that you’re not supposed to eat land creatures for 6 weeks. eat up!


2 thoughts on “cooking simply for moving purposes-oh yeah, and lent.

  1. yeah, if there are 2 things i think with dad in the kitchen, “broiler” and “fish” hit the nail right on the head… oh, the ghosts of broiled french fries are haunting me now!

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