grand rapids, ohio

in case you are wondering what our new life looks like here in grand rapids, here is a little photo journal. all of these photos taken are within a few blocks of my house. i take a walk after breakfast every morning, at least 15 minutes, before my drive to work. it is like meditation for me. after dinner, another walk, this time 30 minutes, to clear my head and settle my tummy. i have yet to be uninspired to take many pictures on any given day here. it is just beautiful. see for yourself.

abandon railroad bridge.

grand rapids is the sort of place where old men sit on benches by the river, telling stories to each other. i didn’t know things like this actually happened in real life.

the toe path that leads to the state park.

the lagoon down the street

peaches are coming to my back yard later this summer!

mason jar

yup, we drink our water from a mason jar. we ain’t too fancy out here in the country.


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