blueberry pancakes & improving

i'd like to start by admitting that i am not NOT perfect. yep. i know it, no i am going to be doing some posts on improving the foods we already know. yes, i am still going to be actively posting new recipes, but because i make these foods so often, i am constantly tweaking the recipes... throwing in an extra tablespoon of flour, leaving out some liquid.... you get the point.we'll be starting with pancakes.i have perfected my pancake recipe. i have it daawwwnnn. we've tried adding fruits into the batter, but typically it ends in ugly pancakes with the berries generally indistinguishable from the rest of the pancake. it's sad, really. i like blueberry pancakes with berries that burst when i bite into them, and the rest of the pancake to be cakey, not violated with broken berry skins and morning, in a moment of sheer brilliance and drive, i realized we should not stir in the blueberries, but instead place them atop the batter. duh.what you'll need:my lovely pancake and waffle recipeyour favorite fresh berries, or if using frozen, do not thaw.what to do: heat your favorite skillet on medium heat and pour a good swig of oil onto skillet. once oil is good and hot, pour batter onto 8 or so berries onto uncooked side of pancake batter.strategic berry placement

once the batter starts to bubble up, it’s time to flip. simply flip, using caution not to dump the berries off of the top.


cook for a brief minute or 2, until golden.

keep hot in warm oven until ready to serve.

check out how cool these are on the berry side!

pretty blueberries!


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