summertime and the grillin’s easy…

crisp chicken and bright carrots

i love the grill! this is the best money we’ve ever spent! it’s been hot, and we’ve been spending stupid amounts of time eating outside. everything tastes better smokey! it’s funny to go to work in the morning with my hair smelling like charcoal from the previous night’s cookout. i kinda like it. it makes me feel like i’m camping!

since we started eating meat again nearly a year ago, we’ve done vast improving and branching out with meats… i’m not sure what my all time favorite would be but i do know that these skin-on chicken thighs are in my top 3. i feel like most people may say their favorite meat is a fatty cut of beef, lamb, bacon, or pork ribs… god i love ribs… but something about the crisp, smokey skin on this chicken, and the flavorful herbs tucked in, flavoring the meat… i crave it regularly! this chicken is so easy and super tasty! juicy, sticky, herby meat with brown, crisped skin. the rule is: thyme loves chicken!

it’s a penny pincher, too. we get humanely raised, chemical and antibiotic free-range chicken thighs at our local grocery store for 1.79lb!!! that’s cheaper than ground chuck! we throw some oil, salt, and pepper slathered veggies, this time carrots, onto the grill, and there’s dinner. sometimes we’ll use summer squash or asparagus, and brian always throws on a big piece of sourdough to toast it, then slathers it in butter. *jealous*

i know i’ll get comments to add garlic to this recipe somehow, but i left it out intentionally. i wouldn’t want it’s strong flavor competing with the thyme.

lemon & thyme crispy thighs

6 or so bone-in & skin-on chicken thighs

1 lemon

big handful fresh thyme leaves

1 tbsp coarse sea salt

1 tbsp coarse ground pepper


prep the chicken;

cut lemon in half. juice it and zest it, setting half the zest aside.

combine thyme leaves, lemon juice, half the zest, salt, and pepper in small prep bowl. this is your herb mixture.

carefully pull skin back on chicken thighs, being cautious not to pull it completely off. leave a little still attached.

spread herb mixture onto thighs under skin. cover herb mixture and meat back up with skin, trying to overlap skin so that herbs don’t come out during grilling.

sprinkle remaining zest atop the chicken thighs. let set and marinate for 1 hour, or up to one day.

before cooking, coat chicken in olive oil. you can sprinkle chicken with more s&p if you think you’ll need it.


start charcoal grill. i sincerely hope you have charcoal. if you don’t, set some sticks on fire in the backyard and place oven rack over fire. j/k. just use whatever grill you have. BUT, if you decide to cook these over the fire, tell me how it works out.

once grill is piping hot, if you have a grill brush, use it to coat grill grates with olive oil.

place chicken thighs meat side down directly over hottest part of the grill. place lid on and cook for 8-10 minutes.

one glass of wine later, check chicken. we usually drink red when we’re grilling.

once skin is looking nice and crispy and dark, carefully flip. watch out! you don’t want the skin slipping off!

cover again and cook for 10 more minutes, or until chicken is cooked through.

let it rest for 5 minutes or so before digging in to seal in the juice.


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