honey graham crackers

graham & mallow

a few days ago i posted my recipe for marshmallows, mentioning that they were made for the sole purpose of smoring. well, today i invented a fabulous graham cracker recipe that will not be one-upped by Honey Maid or Keebler. those elves can have their crackers.

i had been searching the virtual world for a cracker recipe that didn’t use almond flour as the main ingredient. i knew that they would turn out too delicate and crumbly. so i used a recipe i had for coconut flour linzer cookies. i did throw in a 1/2 cup almond flour for added “grahammyness”, and thank goodness i did because they are a dead ringer for the boxed version.

i can’t wait to smore the heck out of these next weekend. and no, i don’t have a recipe for home made nutella. i’m using the jar i bought at target. i’ve done enough already, people!

this recipe makes about 20 crackers. i’ll do the math for you: that’s 10 smore sandwiches, or 20 open-face smores.

oh, and smores are best consumed using burnt to black marshmallows. discuss.

honey graham crackers


1 3/4 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup room temp butter

1/4 cup solid coconut oil (or more butter)

1/4 cup sugar (more if you like)

1/4 cup honey

1 tbsp vanilla

3 eggs

method: preheat oven to 350f. spread some butter onto 2 cookie sheets. stick parchment paper to cookie sheets.

whisk together all dry ingredients, except for the sugar.

using stand mixer, cream butter, coconut oil, and sugar together. add vanilla and honey, then eggs one at a time until mostly combined.

1n 3 or 4 increments, add dry ingredients into butter mixture until well combined. here is where you taste the mixture to see if you should be adding more sweeteners. if the mixture is a little crumbly, no matter, it’ll all roll out well in the end. if you feel you need to, adding honey or a little extra oil will help a little.

divide mixture, yes somewhat dry and crumbly, among the 2 cookie sheets. place wax paper on top and roll flat. remove wax paper. repeat with other cookie sheet.

use pizza cutter to cut into crackers. you could score them with a fork, too, so they bake evenly. (nope, not just for looks!)

bake for 10 minutes, rotating halfway through so they don’t get too brown. these will be easy to over bake because they don’t get very golden brown.

just after you pull them out, cut through them again to separate the crackers before gently moving them to cooling racks (i used an icing spatula for delicate removal.)

let ’em cool before smoring them. they’re tasty warm, though!

49 thoughts on “honey graham crackers

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  4. Hello,
    These graham crackers sound wonderful. Do you think it’s possible to re-formulate them for the dairy-free, sugar-free crowd? And by sugar-free, I DON’T mean using Xylitol – it gives my family diarhea. Do you think using ALL coconut oil (3/4 cup) and increasing the honey a bit would do it?


    • hello, gigi!
      yes, i’m sure you could use all coconut oil or some other harder, saturated fat for the dairy. also, honey would probably work just fine, just watch them closely. honey tends to burn and brown a lot faster than other sweeteners. agave or maple syrup would also be suitable, i would think. i have not tried this, either, but maybe trying date paste to sweeten could be interesting. but honey would, of course, be the most predictable!
      i never use xylitol., so you don’t have to worry about subbing that out in my recipes!
      please let us know how it turns out for you!!
      thanks for stopping in, and great question.

  5. Hello-

    If i am not interested in these being gluten free is there another flour I can sub? I usually use white whole wheat. Or do these specific flours give it the graham taste? I have tried 3 different graham cracker recipes and my kids haven’t like any! I guess they got too used to the packaged stuff (which is certainly not going in my grocery cart anymore!) Thanks!

    • hi julie!
      good question.
      no, no other flour will work here. coconut flour is very unique in that it absorbs a very high amount of liquid, rendering the ratio of the recipe specific to it containing the coconut flour. these are really amazing with coconut flour, which is such a healthy food for kids, and so full of flavor you can’t get from wheat-based flours., thus, i encourage you to be wild and crazy and try to find a bag of coconut flour at your grocery store!
      however, if you just don’t wanna, (hey, i get that!) here is a great recipe from 101 cookbooks for traditional graham crackers with wheat flour. i have made this recipe in the past when i was still eating wheat, and they turned out wonderfully.
      thanks for popping in, i hope you come back!

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  7. This might be a dumb question, but I am new to baking and gluten free in general and was wondering if the dough goes between the cookie sheet (with butter) and a parchment paper on top to roll or is it layered cookie sheet, parchment paper, dough, and parchment paper?

    • totally not a dumb question!
      it is parchment on both sides of the dough, top and bottom. roll the dough out while it is between the sheets so it doesn’t stick to your rolling pin or counter-top. it isn’t a new-B question, either. sometimes the way we word things in a recipe doesn’t make sense with all the other overwhelming instruction!
      good luck, kim!

  8. I just made this recipe today and my 18 mo loves them! I feel so much better about giving him a “cracker” that I know is made of healthy ingredients. I may cut back on the sugar next time. I also wanted to add that I rolled them out on the counter since I only have cookie sheets with the sides. They didn’t get very even, but worked well enough and I’m sure I will make them again for him. They would be good with a sugar free fruit spread or banana and some almond butter. Thanks!

    • you are very welcome! indeed, cutting down the sweetener is always a good idea with crackers that we will be spreading something sweet onto! glad the baby likes them, i can’t wait to be baking for my own little monster soon here!

  9. Hi – making these today. They sound so good!! Silly question – why butter the cookie sheet if you’re putting down parchment?? Is it just to keep the parchment from sliding around?

    • sorry for the delayed response, it has been a BUSY week! not a silly question, the answer is yes. it is to keep it from sliding around! and to your other question, you will be rolling the dough to the thickness of a traditional boxed graham cracker or even thinner. i love these crispy, but they will still be pretty tasty when on the thicker side, just much cakier. now that it is too late and you already have the thicker variation, i would think you could use these as slices for pb&j or such., instead of crackers!

  10. Sorry — one more silly question — how thin do you roll the dough? Just made mine and don’t think I got it nearly thin enough. They did not turn out very crispy and wondering if this is because I didn’t go thin enough.

  11. I just made them and my son is in time out now. He keeps running in there and shoving hot ones in his mouth. The little goose. I made them too think, but they are great. When they cool off we will be putting honey almond butter on them with thin slices of apples and zuchinni. My kids think everything is supposed to have zuchinni on it or in it… poor kids. I am new to the primal lifestyle, an I want to thank you so much for this recipe and others that I am figuring you have on here.

    • holly-
      you are so welcome! i hope you guys love these crackers! the first time i made them, i rolled them too thick, too. they were still tasty, just super soft. i do prefer mine thinner and crisper now, and after a try or two, they were a cinch to roll thin!
      get that kiddo back in time-out! he can have his zucchini grahams soon enough!

  12. eliminate the sugar which is so bad for the human body. use organic grade A maple syrup which is softer on the body – then you have pure Paleo and a perfect totally healthy recipe that will not spike insulin. always use organic ingredients

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  14. Just made these, completely omitting the sugar. We’re on GAPS and think they are plenty sweet without it! I did have to add a few extra tablespoons of almond flour to get the dough drier (since you said it should be a bit crumbly.) Anyway, they turned out great 🙂 We’ll be eating them with baked brie topped with blueberries and peaches. Thanks for the recipe!

    • tiffany-
      glad you liked them! thanks for the comment! i am doing whole 30 right now, and graham crackers with baked brie and fruit sounds like a dream… soon! very soon!

  15. I know this is an old post but I just found it today and I am just in love with the idea. However, my boys both have a nut allergy so the almond flour is out and also an egg allergy. Do you have any idea how I can substitute? You mentioned the original recipe did not call for the almond flour. Could you share what the quantity of coconut flour was in that recipe? Thanks!

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  17. I just made the paleo bread & it smells delicious. I did make a mistake in my haste & added baking powder instead of soda. So this batch is getting 1 1/2 tsp of both. I didn’t have the size pan you used so am using a regular loaf pan but it isn’t squatty at all! I checked internal temp & it was close to 170. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing your recipes – you are a gem!

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  20. would this recipee work as a crust for a pie? Do you think you would change any baking times. I have been surching for a gluten free low carb pie crust. I may just have to settle for gluten free. Which for me is the most important.

    • yes, carrie. the finished crackers freeze wonderfully. just layer them in a freezerbag or freezer safe tupperware container. use parchment between the layers. they need to set out for only a few minutes to thaw. when i was pregnant, i was eating them right out of the freezer with peanut butter smeared on them.

  21. Great recipes Liz 🙂

    My husband and I experimented recently and made homemade Nutella…because store bought Nutella uses cheap oil and refined sugar. We didn’t measure anything though. All ingredients are measured to personal taste, and it turned out to be delicious!

    Homemade Nutella Recipe

    Ground Hazelnuts (we used a food processor, and filled it up halfway with nuts)
    Cocoa Powder (to taste)
    1 or 2 squares of dark chocolate bar (at least 80%)
    Honey or Unrefined Brown Sugar (to taste…probably start with 1 tsp)

    Just keep grinding all the infredients until you get a creamy mixture and that’s it! Yummy, healthy homemade Nutella 🙂 We like it extra chocolately…so ours turned out really dark brown in color…if you want more of a light brown Nutella like from the store, maybe leave out the cocoa powder or use very little. This recipe can be played around with 🙂

    • thanks, michelle!
      total yum recipe. i LOVE nutella, but holy toledo, don’t turn the jar around to see the nutrition info. yikes.

  22. Hi, I was wondering if you could replace the almond meal in this recipe with something else…..maybe tapioca flour or something? And if so would I use the same amount?

    • stacy-
      sorry for the delay in response!
      i would not use tapioca flour. i would recommend another nut flour, or even sunflower seeds ground down. the almond/nut flour is what makes these crumbly, like a cracker. if you use tapioca or anything starchy, the crackers will turn out rather doughy and gummy!
      if you are having trouble locating almond meal, you can make any nut into a flour by grinding in a food processor.
      hope this helps!

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