meet sparky!

my mom says not to get attached, and she’s probably right. but it’s too late. i’m in love with our new kitten. we found him 3 nights ago on our nightly walk. he was meowing helplessly from the engine of our neighbors car. when retrieving him, we learned from our neighbor that he had driven the car, with the kitten in it, from grand rapids to northwood… -and back earlier that day! we finally rescued him after a half an hour chase scene from tree to tree. after long deliberating, we decided to keep him as a garage cat. i have given him 4 baths so far. he’s still filthy and coated with exhaust and god knows what. but he’s so small and cute! he follows me around, climbs up my legs, and won’t let go of me until i’ve held him for at least 10 minutes at a time. i made him a bedroom in the garage using a wooden peach crate and some blankets. i plugged an old radio in and set it to the local pop station (he hates katy perry) to keep him company.

mom, you’re probably right. no one should get attached to an animal, especially one who sleeps in the garage. but for now, this is really fun!


4 thoughts on “sparky

  1. one of our cats was a stray we found when she was five or six weeks old. she weighed just over half a pound (!), had fleas, lice, and worms, and was so malnourished, the first time i fed her, she accidentally bit me. but now, two years later, she is the happiest, sweetest, strangest little cat i’ve ever known. there’s something really special about rescues, and i wish you the best of luck with yours. he is a cutie!

    • kat- sparky is such a little flea bag! he’s too young for a proper flea bath, so for now it’s dawn dish-soap baths and keeping him away from the other cats. the vet said dawn should do the trick, so we’ll give it a few days. he’s definitely got a personality of his own, though. and if you have any tips on litter training him, let me know. the other cats were never this tough to get to go in the box!

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