i ordered a 16lb free range turkey from a local farm for a dinner party on december 11th.

i plan on a molasses brine.



2 thoughts on “bird

  1. Try sorghum. . .we use it a lot, there’s a local company that makes it. It tastes pretty much like molasses but it’s just boiled down sorghum juice, not a sugar by-product. =-)

    BTW, I’ve been making your coconut flour recipes for awhile–I started with “Let’s do Organic” coconut flour, which is more like finely shredded coconut and then I just got some Bob’s Red Mill last week. Huge difference. The shredded stuff didn’t absorb as much liquid, so I ended up with an eggy layer on the bottom of most of my baked goods. The Bob’s works wonderfully! Everything is deliciously tasty.

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