avocado, egg, bacon, onion, asiago, burger, red pepper, spinach, in that order.


dear dr. atkins,

you were right. red meat, eggs, fatty cheese, and veggies are where it’s at. they keep me full and healthy. they taste better than any birthday cake. they are inexpensive and warm the soul.

the following is not a recipe. it is simply a suggestion.

when brian and i eat burgers, we aren’t about to have a burger with cold toppings. no pickles-tomato-lettuce. no way, jose. not worth it. we like the fatty-bo-batty toppings. bring on the fillings. with the way we make our burgers, there is no room for a side dish. no room for fries. not on the plate, not in my tummy. get outta here, fries. we want toppings.

“a fried egg on a burger?!”, you might say.. and to that, i say “yes, duh.”

this burger is almost a complete replica of one served at kaya, in the strip district of pittsburgh.

start with 1/4 lb ground beef per person. add chili powder, salt, minced rosemary, and minced garlic. patty it up, pressing a thumb-print into the center of the patty. this keeps the middle from puffing up like a meatball.

prep your toppings while the grill or skillet heats up.


fried egg


cheese (we suggest asiago)

roasted red pepper

roasted onion

a few leaves of spinach (so people think it is healthy)



NOW. grill your burger or fry in a cast iron skillet. when it is close to finished, put your cheese on it. stick it under the broiler for a minute to melt the cheese for a real treat.

top with the rest. good luck getting all of it on there.

eat the burger. enjoy the mess. challenge yourself to open your mouth big enough to take a real bite. let your eating partner in on the secret that there might be a little mustard in your nostril.

yes, i did enjoy this burger with thin slices of gluten-free bread, for a change. normally this is a fork and knife thing for me, but i wanted to try eating this with a “bun” for once. it was so worth it. the bread soaked up the egg nicely. i will be enjoying gluten-free bread once a month or so for a special treat.


3 thoughts on “fatty-bo-batty-ridiculous-burger

  1. That is my kind of burger. Maybe with some homemade bacon mayo, and sometimes we put diced green chiles in the patty.

    I also agree on the gluten-free bread as bun for a special treat once in a while. Almond flour bread just doesn’t soak up the juiciness.

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