super rich hot chocolate


i am sipping this while i write. i knew i had to throw this recipe up really quickly A) because it is a snow day and everyone should have hot chocolate on snow days, and B) because i have a friend, whose initials are SPM, who i thought of immediately while i took my first sip. i know he will really like this recipe, and i hope everyone out there is taking their time and enjoying their day off. i know brian and i are. we went sledding for an hour or so, using garbage can lids in place of sleds. the hot chocolate warmed us up and comforted us nicely just minutes after we got back from our adventure. this really hit the spot. brian noted that this is not the hot chocolate you may remember as a child, that is made with hot water and a mystery packet filled with powder. this has a nice thin layer of cocoa butter that skims the top after it cools a little, and is rich enough that you don’t need marshmallows.

this recipe comes from the bon appetit cook book. i made a few tweaks to suit our taste, and cut the recipe in half because the original served 4. this version serves 2. i am sure coconut milk would make an excellent replacement for those avoiding dairy. also, i will put brandy or whisky in our mugs when i have more hot chocolate this evening. what, it’s cold outside.

super rich hot chocolate

2 cups milk (i always use organic, whole milk)

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 1/2 tbsp sugar

tiny drop or 2 of vanilla

tiny sprinkle of salt

2 tbsp bittersweet chocolate chips

method: pour super hot water into 2 mugs and let them sit to warm up as you make hot chocolate. dry them out just before using.

over medium heat, whisk all ingredients except for the chocolate chips in a pot. once hot through, whisk in chocolate chips until melted. continue to whisk until it becomes a little foamy and frothy. pour into warmed mugs and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “super rich hot chocolate

    • char baby! we haven’t gotten our “wish you were here” post card from florida yet! keep workin on that tan and we’ll have a martini all ready for you by the time you get back!

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