PB&J thumb prints


let’s face it. i could eat peanut butter all the time. i’m becoming a little embarrassed about the amount of blog entries that contain peanut butter as a food topic. the stuff is delicious. and full of protein and healthy fat. so i eated some peanut butter cookies for lunch today, that is why i published this under the “lunches” category in case you are wondering.

i won’t stop writing about peanut butter until i am good and ready. there is plenty of peanut butter baking and cooking out there to discover, so i am not ready to give it up yet.

and i will eat it every day.

my friends were over a few weeks ago for board game night and saw me open the pantry door. “!!!JEEZ!!!”, one friend said, “is that your Y2K cupboard?” -my excuse for having 7, yes SEVEN, jars of peanut butter in my pantry were because my brother in law works for smuckers and it was my duty, as a consumer, to support his product. it was a lie. i just like to collect the stuff.

what my friends don’t know is that there were 2 more jars in the refrigerator.

given my heavy volume of this delicious stuff, i decided to make peanut butter and jelly thumb print cookies for my friends for valentine’s day.

these cookies are remarkably easy to make and crazy tasty. they are not as heavy as i was assuming they would be. they are crumbly, still soft, and any jam would be delicious here. i think melty chocolate would also be great. these turned out quite large, like pb&j biscuits, but only because i pressed them into a medium sized heart shaped cookie cutter. you could do smaller or keep them round if you don’t want to fool with shaping them, but i found it quite easy to do this. i used my pinkie finger to form the heart shape in the center, but i have chubby thumbs.

the total lack of complicated ingredients is genius, and i barely made a mess in the kitchen. barely. ok there is peanut butter smeared all over the counter, but only because i am clumsy. i bet this recipe has been all over the online world of food and back, and i suppose i am slow on trying it. oh well. i had other stuff goin on. i wish i were hip to these a year ago. these are the coolest cookies!


ready to bake


1 cup peanut butter, chunky or smooth

1 cup sugar

1 egg

1 tsp baking soda

pinch of salt

some jam

method: preheat oven to 350f. lightly grease a baking sheet.

stir your peanut butter with one of these gadgets. *omg greg, this thing is amazing*

combine sugar and peanut butter in mixer for a few minutes. now throw in the baking soda, salt, and the egg (not the shell! duh!) and continue to blend for a few more minutes. the dough will be crumbly. you may refrigerate it for ease of rolling, but i didn’t.

roll a tbsp of dough between your palms to form a ball. now press ball into cookie cutter on sheet, or keep it round. use fingers to press a heart shape in center of cookie. remove mold. continue until you run out of space. pipe jam into center of cookie. now bake for 13 minutes. cool on sheet of a few minutes before transferring to rack.

i packed these up in some boxes for my friendies.



3 thoughts on “PB&J thumb prints

  1. hi there, thanks for stopping by Satisfied. so happy you are using the caramel corn recipe, isn’t it the bomb? i have to only make it during the holidays- i eat way too much of it. nice change for you to use honey, i will give it a try. scrolled through your blog- you like pbj ;)… me too… i should be photographing a pbj sandwich this week for wordless wednesday…
    happy monday,
    chef louise

  2. Yum! I also looooove peanut butter…I eat it most days of the week…and it might be best in cookie form. These look delicious! I made some pecan linzer hearts last year with a cherry filling…but these might be my Go-to valentine’s day cookie this year!

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