valentine’s day recipe “round-up”

for our upcoming valentine’s day, brian and i will be celebrating with a special dinner tomorrow night,  since valentine’s day falls on a monday. -just another excuse for us to do a fancy dinner for ourselves. we don’t tend to buy one another a gift for most holidays, we just do some cooking together, which is way more productive.

so i wanted to do a quick recipe round-up (that’s what the kids are calling it these days, right?) of grain-free and gluten free meals and sweeties to make for the occasion. i wish i had more dessert recipes for two, but i don’t. you’ll just have to make a big batch and knock ’em down throughout the week. just another reason to eat, i guess!

Breakfast for two:

lingonberry and mascarpone waffles

pumpkin pancakes

PB&J waffles




pumpkin and thyme roasted chicken with mushrooms


strawberry & coconut zingers

flourless chocolate cake

Peanut Butter and Jam thumbprints

strawberries and cream almond bars

smores! with home-made marshmallows!


2 thoughts on “valentine’s day recipe “round-up”

  1. “ROUND UP”

    I love you. I’ve never understood why all magazines/blogs/editorials in newspapers have the same tone and use the same buzzwords. It’s like they’re all written by one author with a penchant for alliteration. When I’m looking for a pretty dress to buy, I don’t think in my head “I’m searching for Fancy Frocks under Fifty Dollars,” but I would probably come up with more search results if I googled that phrase.

    Promise me you’ll continue flaunt grammatical convention and write how you talk, because it is unique, entertaining and adorable.

    • lynn! i promise to always flaunt grammatical convention and swear to use real language. . . though utilizing lingo is hilarious.
      good luck finding your fancy frock under fifty! i hope you’re heel high in hip deals!

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