dark days

i am giving up chocolate until april 24, which is easter sunday. i am catholic, and i don’t always take this tradition too seriously. -oh, and i tend to find it cliche when people say “i am giving up chocolate for lent”… you know why i judged it as cliche? because i never wanted to try giving it up myself, and was jealous of those who could do it.

like, seriously jealous.

i friggin love chocolate.

so i decided that this year would be the year. i can do this. -i should do it. i really don’t need to be going through a bag of chocolate chips a week. i buy them for baking, then knock ’em down by the handful for dessert every night. i want to see if i can do this.

god, chocolate is so good though. i have been on a major affair with a certain 70% bar that is 6$ a bar. i have also tooled around with lavender studded bars, and salted caramel bars… i feel very strongly about dark chocolates. but you wanna know a stupid secret?? it is reese’s peanut butter egg season, and i go crazy for those things. -wait, when i say i go crazy, that means i eat like 1 a week. and that is the most candy i dapple in all year. reese’s easter egg season. not too bad, right? so all year, i look forward to my 7 week candy “binge”, -my 7 eggs. yeah, they make me feel nauseous because candy makes me sick. but i really like ’em. you only live once.

i have locked myself out of the eggs until easter sunday. and if i don’t get one perfect reese’s egg in my basked this year, i am going to write a really nasty letter to the easter bunny.

you hear me, bunny? i want a basket with an egg. i am not fooling around. this is serious.


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