simple soft-boiled egg

yes the yolk is real. the eggs we buy are from pasture raised chickens. -chickens that are allowed to eat grubs freely from the ground, walk around a yard as they please, and soak up plenty of sunlight. these factors yield an orange yolk, packed with nutrition beyond a grocery store variety. i will not forget to mention the superior flavor of these eggs, too. if you’ve ever eaten eggs beyond grocery store eggs, you know what i mean. they yolk actually has flavor. -i’m not sure people know that eggs are not naturally neutral in flavor, the flavor being a victim of modern day factory farming.

i’m getting to appreciate simple foods more and more every day. these are the whole foods that we can do so many things with. the foods we can easily eat on their own, or transform into a complicated cake. keep them as a single ingredient, or throw them into an intricate list of decadent ingredients. for me, the simple foods list includes things as nuts, chocolate, cheese, fruit, meat, and eggs.

methods for cooking this perfect food are countless. i fry mine over medium for breakfast. both frying and soft-boiling produce a soft, runny yolk with plenty of flavor.

soft-boiled eggs are amazing over a salad, maybe a salad with asparagus and salty cheeses and walnuts. and maybe a little bacon.

i like to eat them on their own, to fill me up for lunch.

crack some black pepper and salt over them.

soft-boiled egg


big pot of water

1 tsp salt per 2 cups water

bowl of ice and water


bring a few cups of salted water per egg to a raging boil. gently drop eggs in, no more than 6 eggs at a time. set timer for 6 minutes.

when timer tells you 6 minutes have passed, use a slotted spoon to take eggs out and plunge them quickly into the ice water. the ice water will stop the cooking, keeping the yolks from getting hard and the yolk membrane from turning green. remember from your childhood those green yolks? those days are over.

keep the egg in the iced water until it is completely cooled, maybe an hour or so. store the egg in the refrigerator.

11 thoughts on “simple soft-boiled egg

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  2. This might seem like a dumb question, but how do you get the shell off without ruining the egg… I can never seem to do it.

    • tiffani-
      i like to roll it gently over the counter after a good crack on both ends, then run it under cold water while i peel!

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