grilled smokey ribeye with lemony cucumber & carrot salad

i was really in the mood for something uncomplicated in flavor last sunday after recovering from a too-much-fun bachelorette party i had attended the night before. i won’t divulge a single detail on the party itself, but i will say this: my judgment was impaired, and i ate a bag of cheddar & onion potato chips on the way home. -a family size bag.. and there were chips stuck in my dress the next morning… uggghhh….

the name of the game after such a crazy food night was eating healthy. -clean food. simple food.

the temperature was a pleasant 82f, and brian and i craved steak. we had a roasted chicken planned, which is our normal sunday tradition, but we could NOT resist getting the grill out to kick off the season.

steak. must have steak.

we made our emergency stop to churchill’s with our sunglasses on and purchased a big niman ranch ribeye, which is the only large farm we trust. our teenage meat kid behind the counter with messy hair and hip, thick glasses recommended a ribeye, said it was his favorite cut. he promised it to be perfectly marbled, and awesome to grill. it was. thanks, teen. you are always right when you tell us what to eat. seriously, you know whats up.

whence recovering from a hardy-party, you must consume vegetables. it is the rules. especially when one consumed an entire bag of chips before bed.. family size.. so i came up with a really crunchy and refreshing salad. i guess it was more of a slaw than a salad, but if 2 vegetables join the same bowl, i tend to call it salad.

what a delightful meal this was! i must compliment myself on following my primal urge to chow some juicy, healthy steak and satisfying salad. this was the perfect spring meal, and truly repaired my body after a full night of stern abuse. the rub for the steak is a classic combination of flavors we stole somewhere along the line from our righteous grillin’ hero, steve reichlen. the flavors from the charcoal grill really stand out here, but the dry spices are just enough to make this taste smoky, vibrant, and well, excellent.

the salad made enough to compliment 2 meals later on in the week., and the steak yielded no leftovers.

make the salad first so as to let it soak up its own tasty juices. i made mine an hour or so before serving, and it seemed only to improve in flavor later in the week as leftovers.

crunchy carrot salad

1 cucumber, diced

2 cups shredded carrots

1/4 cup fine chopped red onion

1/2 cup crumbled feta

few leaves of basil

1/2 lemons juice, zest reserved

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

2 tbsp olive oil

method: whisk last 3 ingredients to make a dressing. toss with veggies and basil. zest with some lemon, while you’re at it. let it sit for bit, chilled, to allow flavors to mingle and what-not.

grilled steak

1 big ribeye

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tbsp paprika

1 tsp dried garlic

1 tsp dried onion powder

method: make a paste out of all the ingredients and rub onto steak. let it marinate for one hour. pull steak out of the refrigerator half an hour before grilling to come to room temperature.

start grill. oil grill grates and get it piping hot before you throw the steak on. as a general rule, we flip steak only 2 times as to not tear the char off of the outside and to prevent it from getting tough.

let it rest 10 minutes before digging in. serve with a crunchy salad. trust me.


One thought on “grilled smokey ribeye with lemony cucumber & carrot salad

  1. I think I remember an episode with chips like that…however, mine were sour cream and onion. 🙂 Good recovery plan, and excellent photo! Thanks again for sharing with Chowstalker!

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