gin and herbs lime fizzer

i was on my way home from work tonight when i caught myself thinking, “i really need a drink”. i sometimes like to wind down with an adult drink when i get off of work a little late from a really hairy day.


when i got home, i found brian flipping from this month’s bon appetit magazine, which came in the mail during my 13 hours of being away at work. i ate my dinner, wishing for a refreshment and thumbing through my new rag. OH! WHAT?! YES. a good health report column titled *fizz ed*, which was a 2 page piece on soda water and herbs with fruits that combine to make quite some healthy thing, energizing you and what not. also, all kinds of good things for you with the herbs and hydration, so.,..

i boozed it up with gin.

the recipe calls for no alcohol, but i did my own little variation, as i know myself to do. this is awesome, and i can’t wait to sip it on some hot day in the back yard with grass between my toes and dirt under my fingernails.

it was so good.

no, i tried theirs first, you know, without gin. mine was better.

not only was it better, but it was awesome. i love this drink. next grocery trip i make will include cucumbers just as called for in the recipe. for now? this is what’s up:

to make one drink, it goes as follows. don’t try to get fancy with other boozes here. beefeater is what you need. and for those who aren’t accustomed to alcohol measures: 1.5 oz is a shot. 3 oz is 2 shots. (the moral here is one shot of gin, 2 of club soda!)

gin & herbs lime fizzer

5 or so mint leaves

1 big basil leaf

quarter of a lime

3 oz club soda

1.5 oz gin

1/4 tsp superfine sugar

method: get a heavy bottomed glass. chop really finely basil and mint and throw it in. squeeze your quartered lime and sugar. heck, thrown the rind of the lime in too, its been a long day.

use something blunt, like a spoon, to mash it all up real good (muddle, i know). add your gin and soda, swirl briefly, and add a few ice cubes so it sounds fancy when you set your glass down.

guzzle after a hard day.

repeat as needed.

so crisp.


3 thoughts on “gin and herbs lime fizzer

  1. you know, fully HALF of the enjoyment of reading your blog comes from the READING of it. how i adore your wit and your ablity to have your personality shine through in your writing. thanks!

    • thank you! i’m glad you enjoy it. at times i forget that people out there actually read it, and aren’t just flipping through for food pictures.
      keep stopping by!

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