peanut butter banana waffles

you may be thinking, “liz, you make too many waffles”.

do not.

i make a lot of waffles, yes. but i just feel compelled to share my waffling success stories with you, that’s all. besides, the waffles i make are way different from that boxed mix your college roommate thought made them such a great cook. really. these are waffles you can feel really good about. honest. they are packed with protein. like, a ton of it. 24g protein! and the recipe for one clocks in at around 350 cal, which is pretty modest for waffles.

the banana chunks caramelize really well in the waffle iron, but be sure to use enough oil so they don’t stick. also, you could add more honey if you have a real sweet tooth, and might also consider incorporating chocolate into this somehow… i’m thinking melted chocolate on top of the warmed peanut butter? -just sayin…

oh, and a quick tip: this recipe did not work well with a flax egg. don’t say i didn’t warn you.

i made these waffles for one last week when brian had a last-minute meeting and wouldn’t have dinner ready for me when i got home from work. we are normally prepared, but not in this occasion. i brainstormed based on the things that needed eaten in our house, which came to a rotting banana, and decided “WAFFLES FOR  1!!” -yep, officially bachin’ it. this recipe would double really well for waffles for 2, if you are sharing a meal with someone.

but for me, i made these bad boys for one.. for dinner. alone. waffles for dinner.. then played bubble bobble on WII for a few hours..

peanut butter banana waffles (for one)

2 tbsp peanut flour

1/4 tsp baking soda

1 egg

2 tbsp milk or coconut milk

1 tbsp peanut butter (i like to use super-chunk)

1 tbsp honey

1/4 tsp vanilla

1/2 banana, or more if you wish, cut into tiny chunks

oil for greasing waffle iron


tbsp or so of your favorite peanut butter, melted slowly on the stove

more banana

more honey

melted dark chocolate -hey, just sayin’!!


get your waffle iron hot.

mix all ingredients together and let it sit for 5 minutes or so to soak all the ingredients up. if batter seems thick after 5 minutes, add a little more milk to thin it out. i have also used yogurt here.

pour batter into waffle maker and cook for 2 minutes, no longer. carefully separate waffles from surface and top with warm toppinz.

i know you will enjoy this one!


6 thoughts on “peanut butter banana waffles

  1. I’m intrigued…but what is peanut flour? I use almond, coconut, teff, arrowroot, etc, but have never come across peanut flour. Do you think a 1:1 substitution of almond flour would work?

    • no, i really don’t think a 1:1 substitution would work. peanut flour is much much drier, and soaks up quite a bit of moisture. -almost like coconut flour. trader joe’s carries it, and there are some other name brands that can be found online. i believe the national peanut board ships it all over the country!
      lets see if i can come up with a link.
      great question!

      • Hmm, I have never heard of Trader Joe’s. Maybe it’s only in the US (I live in Canada). I will try using coconut flour (thanks for the tip). I happen to have lots on hand anyway. Another question–you use natural PB, right? The “fake” stuff has lots of added hydrogentated oil, sugar, and salt so substituting 1:1 doesn’t always work (speaking from experience…). I KNOW my toddler (and I) will love these so I want to make them this wkd 🙂

      • i would try using just a pinch of coconut flour and maybe the bulk of it could be almond flour. these ingredients work great in tandem!
        yes, i always use natural peanut butter. there are many national brands that make the good old fashioned kind that you have to put into the fridge. also, there are now a few shelf-stable brands that are natural, and i really like for some things, however they do have a little added sugar or honey. either natural OR natural shelf-stable would work fine in this recipe.
        hope this helps you!

  2. So, I finally made the waffles and they were AWESOME. They totally didn’t even remind me of gluten-free waffles! I tripled the recipe (to feed my family of 3) and initally added 5 Tbsp almond flour and 1 Tbsp coconut flour but it was way too runny, even after sitting for 5 min. So I kept adding coconut flour until I got the consistency I wanted, which was approx another 4 Tbsp (but I didn’t really count). I topped mine with plain yogurt and maple syrup. Yum! Now if I could just find peanut flour near where I live and try them with that…

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