almond crepes-egg free

ok, yeah, i stack my crepes rather than rolling them. hey, i’m american, what can i say? i like stacks!

let’s get on with the show.

i have to commit to eating egg-free for the next few weeks. turns out you can develop sensitivity to them after long periods of eating them excessively. i eat 3 a day. i got a tummy ache. -bad tummy ache. after a lot of research, i learned that it is true that if you remove them from your diet, your body recovers in a matter of 4 weeks or so, allowing you to eat them again. oh, and why is this a MAJOR shame? because we will be raising chickens for laying in a few weeks. bummer. ok, it’s just a few weeks… well, a month and a half or so.

so.. ugh..

breakfast is gonna change for me. –a lot. i didn’t really know what to do when i realized i needed to avoid eggs. really, 3 a day, every day, for years… now what? am i gonna starve to death?

well i bought some sweet potatoes and plan a sausage hash with them. also, i bought some whey protein and plan on a nut-based porridge with almond milk, nuts, and protein powder. i am really excited to experiment with egg-free cooking for the next month, mostly because it will be a great change of pace. someone wisely informed me that progressive food intolerance is our body’s way of telling us to stop being so boring. too true! -but don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean to demonize eggs. i will be running back into their arms excitedly. it’s not their fault i OD’ed on them.

sounds like i am well prepared for my egg-venture, huh? (sorry). yes, my well-stocked kitchen will be thriving with sausages (who says “thriving with sausages”?!) and potatoes… and then there are crepes. yeah, they can be grain-free and egg-free. thank god. this was surprisingly delicious. my first eggless breakfast was a delightfully light, soft and crisp crepe. i think the yogurt is what made the lacy, crisp crust the star of the show, here. i did not use greek strained full fat yogurt, i used traditional style full fat yogurt. the flax egg was a big helper here in terms of replacing the eggs. this served brian and i the perfect amount. like i said, these were a tad “lighter” than pancakes, and it is a nice change to not feel weighed down after a sweet breakfast.

we chose our favorite spreadings of cream cheese and lingonberry preserves. feel free to use whatever tickles your fancy!

almond crepes

1/4 cup almond meal

1 scoop whey protein or 2 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup yogurt

drop of honey, if you wish

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp almond extract

3 tbsp flax meal

3 tbsp warm water

method: in a bowl, combine hot water with flax meal and stir well. it will look slimy and runny. this is your egg. let it sit while you finish preparing the rest of the ingredients.

combine remaining dry ingredients in a large bowl. separately, combine remaining wet ingredients. pour flax egg into wet mixture. combine all ingredients together, preferably with a hand mixer if you have one. allow batter to rest for 5 minutes or so. after 5 minutes, if it appears the batter is too thick, add a little extra yogurt or a splash of milk. if it appears way too thin, a tsp of powder will thicken it.

turn oven on to 200f and place large cookie sheet inside to keep cooked crepes warm. heat skillet over medium heat. add tbsp or so of oil and allow to heat up. once oil is hot, pour a little batter into skillet. i pour about 3 tbsp batter at a time if i am stacking them. if i am going to roll them, however, i want them to span the whole skillet. once top appears about half way set, its time to flip. yes, they are a delicate thing, but i have never had a problem flipping. continue with remaining batter., placing cooked crepes in oven.

layer your favorite ingredients between crepes, or simply roll them and serve warm.


5 thoughts on “almond crepes-egg free

    • sophie-
      awesome! so glad you liked them. i made them with some banana mashed in yesterday and they were amazing. a little delicate, but super tasty.

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  2. I am attempting to make these right now. I’ve flopped it twice in a row. With the first batch, I deviated so much from the recipe that it’s no wonder it didn’t work (substituting chia for flax did not work) (likewise, adding cashew milk to the batter after it was already odd and lumpy from the chia was not the best idea!) (and let’s not talk about the pouring it in the pan part–definitely not a pretty sight!). The next time I decided to just go ahead and use flax, hoping it might be that. Maybe goat yogurt doesn’t work for the yogurt part? I don’t know. When I poured it in the pan initially, it got all bubbly and didn’t do anything beside slide around the pan like a weird non-congealing egg. I added more almond flour and coconut flour (after initially thinking it was too thick and adding more yogurt…!) and by the end, I had something that resembled a pancake-ish breakfast-like food. Goat yogurt does not necessarily add to the flavor and I might have to tweak that a bit now that I have a basic idea of how these little things are supposed to look in the pan! They seemed to work better for me a little on the thicker side and I had to pretend they were regular pancakes for anything to happen. If I thought about crepes, it would blob all around the pan and be too watery to do anything useful. Pancake consistency seemed to work out just fine. Of course, all that said and done, my daughter wouldn’t eat them…which is fine with me since I generally don’t eat any of her pancakes (gluten free, egg free–I don’t eat grains, she doesn’t eat eggs, because she is still nursing, I don’t eat eggs….leaving me grain free and egg free!) Phew! Breakfast is always exciting! I am so excited to have found your blog and I am really into the idea of the sweet potatoes with sausage. Yum! I’ll try these pancake crepe things again someday since they managed to fill the no-egg, no grain, pancake craving that I get quite well (even though we had to go through some serious trial and error to get it to work!).

  3. Oh, and mine weren’t nearly as pretty and pancake/crepe looking as yours. I’ll need to work on this a bit. I really want lovely looking grain free, egg free pancakes. For now I’ll just dream about the grain free, egg free waffles that will not stick like crazy to cast iron waffle iron! Mmm. Grain-free waffles with no eggs! I’ve been on a somewhat unsuccessful mission in this department. A belgian waffle iron does not seem to work, even with the basic gluten free/egg free batters. Forget grain free. I am waiting for the arrival of my cast iron waffle maker and we’ll see how it goes. I am kind of worried to even venture into using weird batters with something as finicky stick-wise as cast iron. I contemplated just getting a standard waffle iron with reasonable grooves (not the deep Belgian kind), but the non-stick coating is really lots of no fun and I am not keen to support that in newly manufactured stuff anymore. Anyhow. Back to reading about grain free breakfast ideas. 🙂

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