i want it now!

dear husband anonymous-

my birthday is coming up, you know.

well, it is coming up in june. mid june.

that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be preparing for it now.

since you were worried about what to get me, i have compiled a list.. -you know, to make things easier for you. and you know what else? to make things even easier for you, i’ve decided to start accepting gifts early this year.

cuz i want you to be happy.

1. gin. good gin. i really like to make these.

2. a good blender. like this. i promise i will make you banana ice cream all the time with it.

3. a wheel barrow so i can return my dad’s. i like this one.

4. this pie. come on, you can do it!

5. one of these. i just can’t seem to make them on my own.

6. cute headbands. (it is a job requirement)

oh, and to help you out a little, you don’t need to wrap these if you wish. i know how much you hate wasting paper.



7 thoughts on “i want it now!

  1. It’s barrel aged…that is why it has a golden color rather than it’s normal clear. Stick it in the blender or the wheel barrow when you get those. You’ll love it.

    • yes, natalie, you most certainly may suggest it! thanks for the tip, and i will be trying it asap. i really love gin, and like to mix it with herbs, light juices, or just a spritz of citrus.
      stop by again, and bring your awesome booze tips with you!

    • thanks, lisa! keep your fingers crossed for me.. my blender is corn-yellow and over 30 years old, i don’t know how much longer it can hold on!

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