hemp seed porridge

warm and nutty porridge

this breakfast has been hitting the spot many mornings over the last few weeks. i love warm cereal in the morning, even in the warmer months. since i stopped eating grains,  i have been searching the creative nooks and crannies of my brain, wondering of ways to replicate a warm, chewy cereal that can compete with oatmeal.

finally i gave in, and bought a bag of hemp seeds. i wasn’t initially so hesitant because they were a little expensive,… nope, it was because i attached them with a certain stigma. -you know what i’m saying. -don’t make me say it. now i am regretting missing out on these tasty health nuggets for so long.

hemp seeds

crunchy, nutty, sweet and so nutritious!

let me tell you some good things about hemp seeds. they are high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which is hard to say about many other breakfast cereals. here is a comparison to oatmeal, by the 1/4C serving:

hemp seeds         oats

190 cal                     150 cal

6 carbs                     27 carbs

10 g protein           4 g protein

these made the best porridge! it kept my tummy happy all morning. i can’t wait to experiment with them, making granola with them is in the near future.

the recipe that follows uses almond milk, making it vegan. dairy milk, coconut, or rice milk would also suit the porridge well, if you so wish. surely any fruit would sweeten this up, like sliced bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. the flax-seed meal is what thickens this up, but is not necessary for a fine porridge if you can’t find them., it will just be a bit soupy.

hemp seed porridge

1 cup almond milk

1/4 cup hulled hemp seeds, divided

1 tbsp flax-seed meal

1 tbsp almond butter

sprinkle of cinnamon

method: bring milk to a good simmer. add half of the flax-seed meal, cinnamon, and half of the hemp seeds. stir. continue to simmer for 10 minutes, stirring every so often. turn off heat and stir in remaining ingredients.

top with almonds and maple sugar, if desired.

all dressed up with maple flakes


23 thoughts on “hemp seed porridge

    • I tried it this morning. Tasty but I forgot to put in the almond butter and just put in almonds. It needs that little sweetness that the
      Almond butter would have given it. I will try it again.

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  3. if you are in a position to be random drug tested, don’t eat these………
    they may not get you “high” because of the low pyschoactive compounds that would be present in the illegal variety……for when a “batch” is prepared, there are other “components” mixed in, however, if you are not sure of the purity of the hemp, be careful as sometimes growers are spraying these with other compounds that can cause problems.

    • Your opinion about the food high, as you call it, is inaccurate when it comes to the breeds of Hemp that produce food quality seeds, could use some adjustment. We will get to food code and trade agreement later, perhaps.

      A top quality plant of the breeds that have this stigmata have huge soil requirements for their production of THC and/or CBT. This requirement also produces a low quality seed for consumption. The science of this demonstrates that it is of great interest to a plant to produce such protective defenses yet the production is expensive in resource use.

      The ratio?

      In one cubic yard, nearly a meter, of production soil you will grow one healthy cannabis sativa plant of pharmacological quality. Yet if the same soil is used to grow the superior food quality breed you can produce up to four hundred densely packed plants. The species growing in soil have noticeable differences that go beyond breed and strain recognition just on this comparison. THC requires more soil resource and produces a lousy seed for consumption.

      It does really depend on where you buy them from. In all seriousness, the variety of cannabis sativa that has any legally measurable amount of THC or CBT is not a legal source of food product. Those hemp seeds without this issue are superior food product. The best all round vegan protein as a matter of fact.

      My recommendation?
      Go with a reputable source for your hemp seed dietary needs.
      There is much that can be said about this topic.
      My psychotic and antipsychotic respectably, is not considered to be of food quality according to trade agreement.

      For the top end of such wonderful food product, I suggest Hemp USA .org

      • I ran out of room and lost part of my last few statements, sorry.

        THC is a psychotic and CBT is an anti-psychotic, through various combinations the two have held up the staple of psychiatry of the past, until they were condemned as a political move by three corporations that could benefit from the removal of the hemp plant all together.

        Hegelian Dialectic in action, according to a friend of mine whose opinions.

        Food quality hemp product will not have measurable amounts of such compounds if the food product is worth eating as the general rule implies in the field.

        The greatest use of hemp seed for nutritional recovery is the same today as yesteryear. Equines that have health issues are often required to double or even triple their hemp seed intake to turn around and become a healthy vibrant animal. There is hundreds of years of this practice on record.

  4. oops, sorry, there is (i think on low carb forum) a great recipe using tvp for oatmeal that is great!

  5. thanks, fr! i was talking about that with my husband last night, as i am getting ready to join up with a new insurance plan. i was concerned that they would check my urine for drugs, but not sure if the hemp would effect results. seems like there are many different responses to if it does or not, and the arguments run wild online.
    who knows! i’ll be careful!
    thanks for the tips, as always!
    stop by again!

  6. Hi! Just responding to your post on my blog right now – Strawberries-n-Cream Cake. Had to come by and check out your work. LOVE your site! Will definitely be trying out some of your recipes. This one for sure, hemp seed porridge!?!? What! Awesome! I’m pregnant right now and have been craving Cream of Wheat (from my upbringing I assume). Have been resisting, but settling for steal cut oats, which is still grain. So, I am very excited to find your porridge recipe! 🙂 Thank you!

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    • hooray! i hope you like this, i had a big bowl this morning. can’t wait ’till stone fruits are in season, peaches would be awesome in this!
      thanks for stopping by, i’ll be checking your blog out, as well!

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  10. Hi Liz — I just found your post on Hemp Seed Porridge and tried it this morning, with several tweaks, as is my way, and I was quite pleased!
    My issue with hempseed is with its cost, not with its stigma, so I used half organic hempseed and half ground organic flaxseed, which makes a very oatmeal-like consistency. Whole organic brown or white flaxseed is readily available in bulk at WF. I grind my own as needed with a mini-coffee grinder. Flaxseed also compares well in your chart above: 1/4 c = 4 g protein, 8 g carbs, 148 cal. It also has a 4:1 ratio of Omega 3s to 6s, which makes it a great anti-inflammatory food.
    I also replaced the almond milk with 1/2 juiced carrots / 1/2 water, and added half of the resulting pulp back into the recipe, along with chopped apple. (The other half of the pulp is waiting for me to make into some scrumptious coconut macaroons.) I used organic peanut butter instead of almond butter, again because of cost. And I upped the amount of peanut butter and cinnamon — very satisfying on a cold winter morning. Thank you for sharing!

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