slowing down

in case you didn’t notice my higher frequency of postings, i happen to be off of work for the majority of the week. vacation is awesome. we’ve been digging up flower beds, planting produce, picking peony, hanging with the chickens, eating dinner outside, and painting in the house.

all this busyness reminded me this weekend that brian and i need to slow down a little and try to relax at the end of our laboring days. hard work is great, but what is the point if you don’t sit back and enjoy it? so i spent a few of my laboring hours last night creating a nice space for us to slow down and take it all in.

our back porch was littered with chicken wire, dead plants, buckets full of rocks, scrap wood, and tv trays. yup, we were those people.

now it is beautiful and relaxing.

i can’t wait to surround this table with friends and family this summer. just as importantly, i am so happy to have a place for brian and i to enjoy when we get some time to ourselves.


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