sunrise sweet potatoes

i often have half a fried sweet potato for breakfast with sausage or bacon in the mornings. i make them like i would white potatoes: cubed small and fried in lots of oil. when i say “i often have”, translate that to “4/7 days a week”. i love sweet potatoes.

vegetarians can do some lovin’ on this, too, by using tempeh crumbles or other meat alternatives to complete this starchy treat with some protein. top with sausage or bacon if you are a meat lover.

this is a great way to use left over smoky-sweet potatoes from the grill. throw on few extras for dinner to reheat in the morning for an easy, nourishing breakfast that tastes amazing. the cooked potatoes get sweeter with time, so a rest in the refrigerator turns them into an “even better as a leftover” dish. you won’t believe the sweetness or velvety texture the potato adopts overnight.

this recipe serves 2 by using one potato and splitting it in half, but is obviously flexible for halving the recipe for one person, or even doubling it for serving more people.

smoky sunrise sweets and breakfast sausage

1 leftover smoky sweet potato from the grill, cut in half lengthways

1/2 lb breakfast sausage or tempeh

s & p

method: in a small, well oiled skillet, place cooked sweet potatoes skin side down. sprinkle salt and pepper over. cover with lid, and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, until heated through.

meanwhile, cook up your sausage, bacon, or tempeh. i like to keep it from drying out by keeping the skillet oiled, and moving it about the skillet every 3 minutes or so, until brown.

simply top potatoes with sausage. make adjustments and additions as you so wish:

add torn basil, a pat of butter, spinach, and crumbled feta for a savory version.

top with chopped nuts & maple syrup for a sweet treat.

this meal should have you feeling full all day.


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