almond hotcakes

crisped and fluffy

“honestly, another breakfast recipe?” …

-i know that’s what you’re thinking.

oh well.

my recipe has been improving, so i want to keep you updated on the best.

first of all, i’ve finally fallen head over heals for coconut butter. my affair started with a few spoons-full straight out of the jar a few nights ago, and crept its way into my daytime life. smooth, and a little sweet, this was the perfect topping for hotcakes, and a great stand-in for dairy butter. i can’t wait until the little strawberries in my back yard are deep red and ready to make their way to my morning plate. until then, i’ll stick to my “as local as it gets” strawberries from a few hours from here.

i mentioned i have made some improvements on my recipe. i wanted more of a hotcake than a crepe this time, so i simmered the water to give the “flax egg” a little more binding power. also, i used sour cream because that is what i had, though you could use a non-dairy yogurt or sour cream in its place if you so wish. the addition of apple cider vinegar gave these a lighter texture. i threw some silvered almonds into the batter because i had a case of the crunchies.

the result of my changes?

a cakier textured version of my favorite breakfast. just as i suspected. these held up a little better in the skillet, too.

serve them with coconut butter and smashy strawberries if you wanna be a copycat.

this recipe will serve 2, and cuts in half well for one serving.

other topping suggestions: almond butter, bananas, chocolate syrup,… maybe all at once? maybe…

almond hotcakes

1/4 cup almond meal, heaping

2 tbsp protein powder, coconut, or coconut flour

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup yogurt or sour cream

1/4 cup milk

drop almond extract

crunched up almonds

3 tbsp flax meal

3 tbsp simmering water

method: whisk flax meal into simmering water and set aside to cool off.

combine all dry ingredients.

separately, combine all wet ingredients, including flax egg. you could add a tsp or maple syrup, if desired, to sweeten up the batter.


mix the 2 together and let it set up for a couple of minutes.

get a cast iron skillet nice and hot, maybe a 4 out of 10. heat the oven up to 200 to keep hotcakes warm.

pour batter into hot skillet. if the hotcakes get crispy around the edges without cooking in the center, turn heat down a bit and let pan cool off a little.

edges will bubble while center sets slightly. the batter may spread slightly, but resist the urge to mess with them. just let ’em be until they are mostly set and ready to flip.

once flipped, the cakes should cook for 2 minutes or so.

continue with the remaining batter and keep ’em warm in the oven until ready to serve.

put your stuff on ’em. come on, load it up with fruit and butter. don’t be scared.

gobble up!


6 thoughts on “almond hotcakes

  1. I want these to work! I love breakfast recipes. I never get tired of them. These do require some patience. I am making them right now and you are definitely right about letting it set up for a while–maybe longer than a couple of minutes. I futzed with the ingredient list somewhat and used hemp protein powder, cashew milk, and goat yogurt. By the third pancake, they were turning out better which tells me I likely didn’t let it set long enough. I also threw in a good handful of extra almond flour to hopefully thicken it up somewhat. Mine definitely do not look like yours, but they are more pancake like than the last attempt. It’s progress. Hooray for grain free, egg free breakfast ideas. :-). Thanks!

    • yes, it is important to stick with a protein powder that has a binding effect in this recipe. as awesome as hemp protein powder is, it has no absorbing powers. if you want to use hemp, you should consider a tsp or so of coconut flour to bind the batter and soak up a little moisture.
      allowing them to set up is important, too.
      sounds like your other modifications should be good though.
      i have a feeling the main problem here lies in the protein powder. once you get that bit situated, you’ll have hotcakes on your hands!

      thanks for the comments, hope to see you stopping in again!

  2. Thanks so much! I wasn’t sure what kind of protein powder, nor was I certain of the binding powers of different types. We can definitely add coconut flour and see how that turns out. I am so excited. Mmm! Hotcakes are my favorite. We’ll try again tomorrow on a mellow morning. Thanks again for the helpful insight!

    • jennifer, your comments and questions are always welcome here!
      i use designer whey vanilla protein powder. i like it because it is gluten free, casein free, and has no aspartame and artificial flavors. you could use plain whey powder in place of this if you wish. bob’s red mill makes a nice product that is very versatile. you will have to add an extra splash of vanilla to compensate for the lack of flavor, though. and don’t forget to let the batter sit!
      thanks again for your questions, jennifer. i do hope your hotcakes are perfect tomorrow. please let me know if they turn out! don’t forget to throw some fresh berries on top!

  3. Hi Liz, I made them again with some coconut flour (whey is one of those random things I am intolerant to–along with like, bananas, asparagus, gluten, pineapple, and a few other odd things) and they turned out better. Hooray! They are great for keeping glucose levels in a healthy range. The first hotcake had to be scrambled around the pan some before I flipped it, but it worked out. I added some more coconut flour and it was fine after that. It takes me so long to make them that I eat them out of the pan with sliced strawberries on top. :-). They are quite nice. Thanks! Phytofoods has a grain free breakfast porridge recipe you might like. I love breakfast. 🙂

    • yay! i’m glad you made them again. keep working on them, they will be perfect next round!
      thanks for the tip, i’ll check it out!

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