chard, in rainbows

chard is all the rage this year.

even my grandma is hip to it.

“have you ever had COLORED chard?” she asked me… yes, grandma, i’ve had colored chard. she just wanted to make sure i was up on the latest food trends. she’s awesome.

so the tricky thing about chard is the texture.

do you like crunching on watery veggies?

if so, then you will love the stalks.

if not, then you will love the leafs.

no matter which you choose, i do recommend you choose. trim the greens off of the stalks and cook them separately because they will cook at different rates.

i like the stalks. brian likes the greens. i cook both separately and we eat our chard, respectively.

rainbow or green chard

1 lb chard, rinsed and dried

4 cloves of garlic, minced

3 tbsp olive oil

1 lemon

S & P

method: cut leafs away from chard stalks. chop them, keeping greens separate from stalks.

get oil warm over medium heat in large boiler. add garlic and a pinch of salt. cook for just a few minutes to soften the garlic. throw in stalks and cook until tender, stirring frequently. after 8 minutes or so, remove from heat and toss in a bowl with juice of 1/2 a lemon, a little zest, salt, and pepper.

repeat with leafs of chard.

we like to serve with chicken thighs.

use the leftovers in omelette, on sandwiches, or on salads.


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