chocolate bananas ice cream

unphotographable, laughable, and out of this world delicious

yeah, this is a really ugly photo. i couldn’t for the life of me wrangle enough patience to photograph my dessert, i just wanted to gobble it.

for sure you have seen this “too good to be true” dessert fad for the past year or so. sorry to jump on the wagon so late.  finally, just a few months ago i dove into the food-fad. who is the gal who came up with this, anyhow? i would gladly hand her a 100 dollar bill for being such a smarty-pie. come on, this stuff is ridiculous. i wish i were on the bandwagon years ago.

when it came time to make my first batch, i was so pumped. i took my 1972 corn-husk yellow blender to my mom and dad’s house, along with a bag of frozen bananas and a tin of cocoa powder, oh and my husband, and we whipped up a huge tub of this awesomeness.

my dad was so impressed, he didn’t believe me that it was 2 ingredients. it really does taste like a full recipe, dairy based ice cream. super-ripe, black bananas are best for this recipe. not only because it is sweeter, but because not-so-ripe naners tend to feel a little grainy and hardly creamy.

without sounding insane, i need to throw out there the idea of this being a breakfast recipe. as the recipe stands now, it is a mere 150 calories. since it is high in carbs, throw in a few tbsp almond of peanut butter for protein, and nuts on top, too. this is the new favorite ‘zert in this house. we now keep frozen sliced bananas in the freezer for a spur-of-the-moment soft serve, buying them at 1/3 price when they are black.

this stuff is soooo creamy. i don’t add a stitch of liquid, no sweeteners, nothin. just 1 heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder per person and that’s it. of course there are hundreds of ways to modify it. for example, adding peanut butter, almond extract, replacing chocolate flavor with fresh mint etc. for chunks, after blending, stir in peanuts, sliced almonds (like we do), fruit, coconut, etc. adding this to a pie shell for an ice cream pie would also be excellent.

for the sake of being thorough, i’ll throw in the recipe even though it doesn’t require much of one.

this recipe serves 2 people and can multiply endlessly.

bananas ice cream

serves 2

2 cups chopped & frozen black bananas

2 tbsp heaping cocoa powder

method: using a blender, puree both ingredients. if your blender is 40 years old like mine is, you may have to stop it frequently to mash the bananas down to the blades. don’t do it while it is running. you know better than that.

once bananas are a puree, scoop into cups and serve with crunchy stuff.

this will not store well in the freezer for more than an hour or so, so get while the gettin’s good.


6 thoughts on “chocolate bananas ice cream

    • kara-
      thanks for including me on your blog!
      i love your informative format, it is so important to have fresh resources like yours!
      keep on rockin,

  1. Sorry I’m late to your late-party – this looks great! Would you happen to know if I could use an immersion blender to do the blending?

    • i’ll bet an immersion blender should work alright here! what’s the worst that could happen trying? you may end up with chunky chocolate banana pudding! experiment, this is how we develop our best creations!

    • i have frozen this in my ice cream maker, and i do not add anything to the recipe for that with the exception of peanuts or chocolate chips. i wouldn’t ever try to freeze it as-is, in a bowl or anything, because it will turn into a block of banana ice.
      i have not, however, tried freezing as pops. that might be ok, but i feel like they would be really hard and icy. i would not add a milk to this, i expect it would be really watery and freeze super hard, but i haven’t tried it at all. if i were to try that, i would use something with lots of fat in it to make it creamy, rather than hard, maybe coconut milk or a whole dairy milk.
      i hope you let us know if you try any of these, or your own methods!

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