seasonal berries parfait with almond slices

the new favorite... sorry, salad...

here is a photographic showcase of my favorite lunch. yeah, normally i have salads for lunch, but this season’s berries are ridiculously outragoeus. i have been foraging mullberries in my neighborhood like a thief in the night. just as soon as the berries are heavy on the branch, that quickly they are grabbed up and slipped into my plastic bucket. i have managed more than enough for a cobbler, breakfast cereals, and lunch parfait. the mullberries in my neck of the woods are long and black, and they bleed purple with the lightest touch. they are delicate, juicy, sweet, and tart. -not sugary and sour, nope. these are perfect.

my favorite way to appreciate them is raw, in this lunchtime favorite. tangy & fluffy yogurt sweetened with jam, given crunch with almonds, and decorated with a heaping dose of berries.

when foraging for mulberries, mind that the best tasting ones are going to be long in shape, and will hang heavily on the branches. they should drop off as soon as you touch them. please be sure to rinse them, as birds are all over these trees, and birds carry filthy things. ick. oh, speaking of birds, watch yourself while picking the berries. i keep getting attacked by the neighborhood grackle, and she doesn’t like it when i steal her dinner from the tree down the street.

berries parfait with almond slices

first you put a ton of greek full fat yogurt into a glass and drop in some jam and as many berries as you wish, maybe a thousand~

pink and black

then you stir it all together, watching the yogurt get a little whippy and tempting~

swirly and girly

then you put a quarter cup of sliced, raw almonds on top, like a little berry crisp~

crispy and complete!

 now go outside on a steamy hot day and have yourself a damn great lunch, one that will cool you off and nourish you. one that will taste amazing because it has this summer’s sweet little gems stuffed into it. 

i can’t wait until lunch tomorrow.


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